From The Telegraph 27th March 2002

".......In a clear sign that the National Farmers' Union was driving policy on vaccination, Mr Brown told the meeting that vaccination "would have made relationships with the farming community very difficult". Another consideration was that "there was not enough vaccine for all the animals", Mr Brown said.

But Keith Sumption, senior lecturer in international health at Edinburgh University, said there were five million doses in the EU vaccine bank.

He told the meeting that if blanket vaccination had been used, "following typical epidemiology patterns after vaccination, the last case would have taken place around one month after vaccination began".

Dr Sumption also scotched claims by the former Ministry of Agriculture that there were no reliable farmyard tests for foot and mouth. He showed the inquiry committee a £6 device akin to a pregnancy test kit that took 10 minutes to show whether an animal was carrying foot and mouth antibodies.

He said two types of instant "pen side" test kit existed, both of which were successfully used by Devon farmers to oppose contiguous culling but had not been officially verified because the OIE, the official body in Paris, cannot verify commercially developed tests. Mr Sumption said: "The problem is not with developing a test but with setting up an independent, respected organisation to verify tests."

He also said that the current 12-month restriction on meat exports following vaccination "cannot be justified by current science" and told the EU that "at a stroke we could end all financial penalties of using vaccination".