Extract from email received

"...It is to me very telling that the opening salvo of the RCVS submission to the Royal Soc Inquiry goes like this: 'Whatever strategy is adopted must command the support of farmers and their veterinary surgeons. Otherwise it will not work.'

... And who are the' farmers' in this case -- why the NFU of course! And who are the Vets? The people who run the organisations RCVS, BVA and not least organisations again like the British Cattle Soc

Since when in other walks of life do things not work unless they have the support of the people concerned??!! Look at what happened when 95% of the people of Gibralter turned out to protest against being given to Spain by this DEMOCRATIC government of ours? Hardly made the news at all and the Government continue to negotiate the deal with Spain completely regardless!!

To add to the tragedy you have the Council choice with way the highest votes -