How right Hilary is


The system STINKS.

Don't tell me they aren't all aware of this extraordinary piece of back door legislation. Whitty and Morley alluded to it when they gave their evidence in Strasbourg. Everyone then thought they were talking about the parliament act - but of course this kind of legislation is superb weaponry for whoever is in power, certainly untried in these circumstances (so close to and after a failure to get through the second chamber) - what better 'test case' than this? Both parties would like to see if it can be achieved. Both can use it to their advantage in the future. What easier target to try it on than the farm animals? Those dumb sentient beings with no one to stand up for them. The individual farmers either totally bemused or complacent or relying on someone else to look after their interests. Every organisation like the NFU, Countryside Alliance, RSPCA, RCVS etc etc in some way or another in the pocket of this bunch of rulers.

The whole thing was a cross-party fix. The sprinkling of Conservatives, other than those who spoke, did not vote with Lady Mar who fought like a tiger against all the odds and finished with a 16 to 116 imbalance. Whitty shuffled papers and scribbled notes doing all in his power to take absolutely no notice of the proceedings - just preparing himself for his closing speech and chatting with the likes of the 'no case to answer' pig farmer Lord Carter who sat that there with his arms folded and the body language of a street urchin bully boy.

Baroness Byford stuttered and stumbled and missed the coup de grace on several points she could have or did try and make.

The vile people that were brought 'to vote ' sat there bored and chuntering to each other and clearly no idea or interest in what any of the speakers were talking about. With most not even a glimmer of interest was shown. There were two strident and vociferous labour women, one of whom admitted she hadn't read the Bill. But it was clear in her mind it didn 't matter what it said nothing could be more evil than the alternative which was that there the country would be overrun with the human form of CJD from the lack of laws. She was also adamant that overwhelmingly 'the scientists' agreed that there was a link. She had no papers she quoted nothing to back her statements -frankly, forget the government scientist not knowing whether they were testing sheep or cow brains I wouldn't have been surprised if she couldn't tell the difference if she saw them in a field - but the worst of it is she gave the impression that she wouldn't care if she could or not. BUT SHE AND ALL THE OTHERS IN THE SAME MOULD HAD A VOTE.

With absolute despair