Strasbourg, 15 May 2002






Forthcoming Meetings: Results of Co-ordinators' Meeting of 14 May



A. The meeting of 21 May on the epidemiological aspects (15.00-18.30)



The situation, after certain cancellations and replacements, is now as follows.


- Prof. Bartling, the Netherlands

- Dr Miguel Angel Diaz Yubero, Spain

- Mrs Isabelle Chmitelin, French Ministry of Agriculture (only for a brief introduction)

- Mr Moutou, French Ministry of Agriculture

- Prof. Dr. Osterhaus, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

- Prof. Roy Anderson, Imperial College London,

- Prof. Zwingmann, German ministry for food, agriculture and forests.



B. The meeting of 30 May 2002 on the economical and social repercussions of the foot and mouth crisis and with Prof. King on epidemiological and vaccination matters (14.00-17.30)



Although the scheduled theme for the meeting is the economic and social repercussions of the crisis, it was decided to reserve a part of the meeting to hear evidence from Prof. King, a key figure involved in the UK Government's handling of the crisis last year. Therefore, his evidence was considered to be of vital importance. Unfortunately he is not available on one of the two meetings scheduled for epidemiological matters and vaccination. Therefore, it was agreed that he should be given a special slot during the meeting of 30 May.


The other experts that have confirmed their presence are:




1. Mr Olieslager, from Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods.

2. Mrs Guittard, French ministry of agriculture

3. Mr David Wilkins, from the Eurogroup on Animal Welfare

4. Mr Bolweg, from the Dutch tourist board

5. Lord Haskins, Chairman of the Rural Task Force, UK

6. Prof. Midmore, professor of Applied Economics at the University of Wales.



C. The meeting of 10 June (in Strasbourg): The experiences in France and Ireland (time to be confirmed)



The following names were adopted for this meeting confirmed now for 10 June:



1. Head of the French Veterinary Service (name to follow)

2. Mrs Chmitelin, Ministry of Agriculture, France

3. Mr Gremillet, Assemblie Permanente des Chambres d'Agriculture


Northern Ireland and the Republic:

1. Northern Ireland Minister of Agriculture

2. Mr A. Murray, Principal Officer Animal Health

3. Dr. B. McCracken, Head of Agriculture Department, Northern Ireland

4. Mr Mervyn Taylor


In case of cancellations, the following names suggested by the European Commission .could be considered


1.      Mr Raymond O'Malley, a farmer who sits in the International Farmers Association

2.      Prof. Michael Mnaghan, Dean, veterinary faculty, College Dublin.

3.      Mr Colin Gaynor, Chief Veterinary Officer, Ireland


Note: The EPP-ED's  proposal - that a small part of the meeting will deal with the equine issue - was approved. Mr John Roche from the Fidiration Equestre Internationale will be invited.



D: The meeting of 17 June on Vaccination policy (15.00-18.30)



Depending on when the experts are available, the majority of the following will be invited for the meeting on 17 June and the rest of those who can attend will be taken on 18 June as there were fewer proposed names for the latter meeting. In other words, the meeting of 18 June will start with a continuation of the vaccination issue.


1.      Bernard Vallet, OIE director

2.      Dr. Yves le Fourbois (FAO, European FMD Commission)

3.      Mr Pluimers (NL Chief Veterinary Officer, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture) on Animal Identification

4.      Representative of Carrefour

5.      Paul Sutmoller, scientific expert

6.      Dr Tony Little, Vice-president of British Veterinary Association

7.      Prof. Thein

8.  Prof. Brown, US ministry of Agriculture

9.  Mr Alex Donaldson, director of the world reference laboratory on FMD in Pirbright

10. Mr Tazelaar, Director Dutch quasi-governmental body for Meat, Cattle and Eggs, in order to give the view of the Dutch export industry

11. A representative of a large Danish meat import and export company.

12. Mr Ignacio Sanchez, Chief Veterinary Officer of Spain, and president of the FAO's European Commission on foot and mouth disease.



E. Public hearing of 18 June on the policy on foot-and-mouth disease in non-affected Member States and continuation of the hearing on vaccination (09.30-13.00)


1.      Preben Willeberg (Danish Veterinary and Food Administration)

2.      Dr. Walter Sch|ller, Head of the Austrian federal research institute for animal epidemic control

3.      Prof. Ezio Lodetti, Director, Instituto Zooprofilattico, Brescia, Italy

4.      Mrs K|nast, German Minister



F. The meeting of 9 July on the policy of meat import into the Community (09.00-12.30)



1.      USA government specialist on import controls (name to follow)

2.      Director of the FVO in Dublin on controls at EU borders (name to follow)

3.      Border control official in a large European harbour (on physical control of imports, name to follow)

4.      A representative of Russia, one of Europe's major customers (name to follow)

5.      Dr. Berd Eysing, Official veterinarian of the district of Borken (PPE/ED)

6.      Mr Clive Lawrence of Ciel Logistics (PPE/ED)


In case of cancellations, the following names suggested by the European Commission.could be considered:


1.      Mrs Sarah Reinius: FVO office of the Commission in Dublin

2.      Mr Checci Long, director at DG SANCO (the director of Mr Vangoethem of the Commission)

3.      Mr Alex Thiermann, representative of the Commission in the O.I.E. and also involved in the Sanitary Committee of the FAO

4.      Mr Jean-Luc Meridan, from the Union Europien du commerce de betail et de viande.





G. The meeting of 15 July on the veterinary services in the Member States and contingency planning (15.00-18.30)



To be decided. The EPP-ED proposes Brigadier Birtwistle, the army officer brought in by the UK Government to deal with the crisis. Other proposals will follow.



H. The meeting of 16 July: The experiences in the Netherlands and Belgium and Dr. Paul Kitching on epidemiological and vaccination matters (15.00-18.30)



The following were approved at the last Co-ordinators' meeting. The meeting of 14 May had to be cancelled due to the fact that Mr Brinkhorst was unable to attend. It was re-arranged for 16 July.


1.      Mr Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst, Dutch minister for Agriculture, Nature conservation and Fisheries.

2.      Mr D. Hanemaayer, author of the independent report on the FMD crisis in the Netherlands

3.      Mrs U. Blom, co-author

4.      Mr G. Doornbos, Dutch Farmers Union

5.      Mr J. Matthys, Belgian farmers Union

6.      Mr H. De Boer, Small and Medium Size enterprises, Netherlands.


7.  Dr Kitching is considered to be an important witness and he was proposed for various earlier meetings. However, he was unable to attend. He is available to attend the meeting on 16 July and the Co-ordinators agreed that he should be invited. 



*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *



The experts approved by the Co-ordinators will now be contacted by DG2. A letter of invitation, signed by the Chairman, will follow.




                                                                                                                        Alwyn Strange