Open Letter from Devon to Throckmorton

From one suffering community to another

"We are fellow sufferers from the man-made, horrendously disastrous policies of the FMV Plague forced onto all of us! Commiserations to you all at Throckmorton, especially now with your added worry of the asylum centre proposal! Good for Toyah we always did like her!

May we ask you if any of the people living around the Landfill sites and the burial site that took FMV carcasses are repeatedly suffering from returning ill health problems? Many of us certainly are still ongoing with repeated illnesses, ever since the Mass Burials here.

We thought we could perhaps join up in ways that could benefit both of our communities?" suggests that anyone who has evidence of the suffering involved in being close to the disposal sites - especially if it is continuing - should write to who will act as go-between.

See latest from Throckmorton which links to their earlier hardships and courageous stand - ignored by the government.