Misinformation about vaccination

May 3 2002 warmwell.com

MISINFORMATION m1 Control of FMD by vaccination alone accepts that the disease will be allowed to remain endemic in a livestock population

But according to information we have received

MISINFORMATION m2 If vaccination worked FMD would have been eliminated from the world long ago

But according to information we have received

MISINFORMATION m3 There is not enough vaccine

But according to information we have received

MISINFORMATION m4 Consumers won't buy products made from vaccinated animals
"I think there was a good case for vaccination and I explored it very fully indeed. The key difficulty was that there was no guarantee that the public would buy the milk from vaccinated animals or eat the meat from cattle which had been vaccinated. The retailers said there is consumer resistance, we will not stock the product." (Nick Brown) http://politics.guardian.co.uk/footandmouth/story/0,9061,582642,00.html

But according to information we have received.

MISINFORMATION m5 Vaccination wouldn't have worked this time round - but it has always been an option "the disease had spread too far for vaccination to have been of any use in bringing the disease under control".

But according to information we have received


Both Uruguay and Argentina have controlled the disease by vaccination only - not slaughter, since their farmers would rightly not permit it. They know that vaccination works - and it does. Israel too demonstrates that handling FMD can be simple. Israel does not slaughter the diseased flocks. It protects its very valuable high-production dairy cattle against FMD from surrounding countries by annual (preventive) vaccination programs and is very successful in that. If the surrounding countries did the same there would be no question of re-infection. If, because of the borders being shared by areas where infection is not controlled, vaccinated herds show signs of disease it is only in the unvaccinated calves.

This disease has been presented to the public as a terrible cataclysmic disaster, a threat to be feared from terrorists and a horror on a par with the Black Death. But Foot and Mouth is a disease that can be controlled. What could not be controlled either by sound science or the common sense of ordinary, humane people, were the injustices of 2001. Even such trusted bodies as the RCVS and the RSPCA were powerless - or worse. The NFU Council were, it seems, unable to see how disastrous was their oppositiojn to vaccination. Farmers were disastrously misled.