I have just found SI 843 on the DEFRA website (defra.gov.uk/animal health/bse/index/what's new). This is a proof, but I have ploughed, and sometimes whizzed, through all 220 pages of it. It is tedious and boring, but we all need to know how it affects us. It came into effect on April 19th, and has Elliott Morley's name attached to it.

It is about TSEs, and I presume is the next attack on us re scrapie. Slipped in among a lot of stuff about mammalian meat and bonemeal, is the following:

An Inspector can get a warrant from a JP and break into your premises with "reasonable force" to slaughter just the same as in the Animal Death Bill. An inspector may make enquiries and carry out such investigations as he considers necessary. The owner or a vet is under obligation to inform the DVM of TSE susceptible animals. The government may slaughter any TSE susceptible animal. Any cleansing and disinfecting required by DEFRA will be at the owner's expense. You must not lie to DEFRA! "The owner of a carcase.......shall pay any reasonable costs or expenses incurred by the Secretary of State in connection with the sezure or disposal" (p156). Compensation (p140) for sheep and goats - at the end of their productive life £30, other £90. If they get killed but were not infected, the same, or their market value, or a maximum of £400 as appears fit to the Secretary of State. If the animals are not fit for consumption, you get nothing. "The Secretary of State may, if she thinks fit, cause to be slaughtered any offspring animal." A bit later this says any bovine animal, so not sure if this also applies to sheep and goats. Probably. An inspector may tag a suspect animal for later slaughter. If you don't do all this, you can be fined and/or sent to prison.
"Livestock" means any creature other than a dog kept for use in the farming of the land, and also any equine animal.
Pithing is now prohibited in slaughterhouses for animals destined for human consumption. This is due for debate on May 15th. We all know it will go through.

I find this frightening again. Do you know exactly what a statutory instrument is? I thought the Lords had stalled the Bill, but here it is again in a different guise.