Good morning everyone! Another very eventful day! I spent Tuesday (my day off work) on the phone to MAFF, press, fellow helpers & my MP David Maclean as well as observing MAFF at work. Today, Wednesday, I was at work but continued activities this evening. This is a brief note on what has been going on here.

You may have seen my note concerning the cull lorry that had tea in a Motorway petrol station, complete with many recently killed & infected dairy cattle!! I rose very early the next day after this event to commence battle with MAFF Carlisle. I rang the Transportation Manager, Mr Richard Burns to forward my tale of the "wandering" cull lorry! He already new I was on the case & informed me he had investigated the incident & was satisfied the driver had pulled off the motorway to investigate a noisy wheel!!! I queried this rather futile effort to cover up this scandal by pointing out that if the driver had seriously been concerned about the mechanical condition of a lorry containing FMD infected cattle, then surely he would not have pulled off the motorway & bought food in a filling station before continuing his journey! Further more it seemed strange that he did not even look at the wheels!! Burns continued to say he was satisfied, that is until I informed him the driver had waited in a lay-by near Shap for 15 minutes until joined by his mate! He had no answer for this but "ordered" me to come to Carlisle to let him know what I was up to! He demanded I should not follow HIS lorries! At this point I lost it, I demanded he retract what he had said or I would take legal advice. I slammed the phone down muttering obscenities at the cretin! Good start to the day! I made a few other calls, cant remember how many or to who, but heard on the radio (Cumbria) that in a discussion on Democracy the journalist felt that those servicemen who had served in World Wars, The Falklands War & the Gulf War fighting for DEMOCRACY, would be annoyed that voters would not vote in their democracy! I phoned the station as an ex Falklands veteran &, against the tide, stated to a shocked producer that I had thought I was fighting for DEMOCRACY BUT was WRONG! There is no democracy in this country I said!

Later in the day I spoke to a Journalist at The Cumberland News who was very interested in what I had been doing & wished to talk to me in detail. Will report on this later. In the afternoon, I heard of another case locally & threw myself & Jack, my dog, into the car. Too late! All gone! Christ they must be quick, more likely reported late! I was shocked at the amount of culling MAFF had achieved in the few hours I had been away! I eventually came home just before Helen, a quick tea, changed & out to listen to Dr Richard North. Elaine rang to say they (Paul & herself) were going to the meeting; I was pleased.

I was looking forward to an interesting evening as I left home not realising the horror that was to unveil itself in front of me very shortly! Maff, like this virus creeps up on you unexpectedly! As I approached Kirkby Thore there they were! The hairs rose on the back of my neck! It was them, ganging up outside a friends farm! I felt physically sick! I could barely look. The place was crawling with Maff! Shall I go to the meeting or stay here? Rationally I decided to go. The farm was going & there was nothing I could do! I did need to be updated by Richard (North) though. I pressed on, my stomach churning, my eyes fighting off the inevitable. I was very angry on arriving in Penrith. I walked about for a little while before going inside. The meeting was superb; I met some lovely people & heard some horror stories. Richard confirmed what we knew, & more & I left satisfied I was on track. Renewed energy apparent I drove home with the tape on loudly. It was dark, but I could sense the loneliness in the field as I travelled East from Penrith. I slowed as I approached Kirkby Thore, held my breath and looked.nothing, everything was normal, seemingly! On arriving home I went straight to bed exhausted.

I was up as usual at 0600hrs to walk Jack. I enjoy our morning walks/runs, he`s a real friend & I love him dearly. By the way Jack is my Border Collie. I left home at 0730, it was raining & with the usual gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach I kept saying to my self-stay calm! I crawled into Kirkby Thore, pathetically delaying the inevitable. Then they were there! The white suits, the lorries, the slaughter wagons, the Ford Focuses & horrifyingly a beautiful Friesian Dairy Herd walking slowly & trustingly to their sheds to be killed; more of Blairs statistics! I was enraged. I was dangerous! I would not stand for this! I slammed on the breaks; remember I was in the middle of the A66, a major trunk road, wound down the window & demanded to know who the Maff Field officer was! "Me sir." said this pathetic excuse for a human being! I launched into a series of vitriolic attacks on this guy & accused Maff of being incompetent, bohemian bastards & anything else I could think of. "I am only doing my job sir!" I stalled, I had gone too far. He then rescued me by ordering me to leave now or I would be removed! That was the last straw! Right thats it! I started to get out of the car & then Helen "spoke" to me! I left; I could not bear to be away from her & the kids & Jack. I could have easily done something I regretted. I had to go!

I was still shaking as I drove to work. Today I had to look after 13 young kids from Carlisle. I was Canoeing on Derwentwater with them. What a contrast, but it alleviated the pain for a short while! I left work at 1700. It was still raining. As I drove East I feared the worse. Something had been eating away at me all day. I had a gut feeling that something was seriously wrong! A farm in Temple Sowerby, a large dairy farm had new Maff notices on the gates! At first I thought they had gone down! No, thank god there are the cattle! Something wasnt right though! I was feeling increasingly uneasy! I could smell Maff! Where are the bastards! Then the phone went, it was Helen, she was just ahead of me, she said Maff were all over many of the farms on our way home. She explained which ones, she sounded very agitated; one of "our" favourite farms, lovely old collies walking around the yard was in dire straits! The phone link went dead, I threw it down on the seat, swore at it & suddenly there on the horizon were Police Slow signs, Snowie lorries, Maff in their dozens, the law & to my horror, right by the main road in a field lots of dead Friesians! Right next to a school bus route!

There "they" were again.." Are you never happy you bastards, was this a DC or have you murdered healthy animals again? You are F*****G Illegal again! Who is the vet in charge? Where is he? Who authorised this? Is it a clean farm? Let me see the A Notice! Dont just stand their do it! Are you smiling at me you little shit? I was gone on a mission, I would not be moved, I could not be moved! "Move along sir or I will charge you for obstructing traffic!" I was! I was in the middle of the road & he was wearing a uniform! Did no one care! Was I the only one who was being honest with myself? Go for it! Make a real scene, lots of traffic, good publicity! No, No, No! Dont Nick, Helen spoke again! I got back in the car told the copper to F**ck off & drove on! A few hundred yards down the road & the remnants of another Maff killing squad were just finishing off. All the stock had gone from my friends farm. I looked into the THEIR eyes, slowing the car down to a crawl They looked straight at me; they could not face me & looked away! You can see a lot in a someones eyes; mine showed hatred & loathing, I had to say nothing, they backed down! It was still raining.

I got home minutes later. Helen was there, I feel comforted in her company & of course Jack & the kids. I felt stronger inside the walls of my English Castle. It felt cold outside, Jo our neighbour had lost her dog Gyp but selfishly I didnt listen. My mind was on other things! Helen made tea as I re-grouped for the evening assault! Cameras checked, phone binoculars - load car. Had to return a phone call to Tom Lowther. He asked me what had been going on & told me his friend had been slaughtering in Kirkby Thore that day! Tom rang him as he had seen his car outside a farm there. He told Tom they are all sick of the killing, sick of Maff & sick of the government! He was part of the slaughter team that was "good"; compassionate to the animals, farmers & did their deed quickly & humanely. Many teams did not! He was a hunt slaughterman! The very teams ignored by Blair for weeks & the same people Blair is trying too extinguish! Tom asked me to fax some information concerning the cull lorry incident. I rushed down my dinner & then went out! Helen is so understanding!


First stop Kirkby Thore. Right through, past plod again & just a few people clearing up. Better go to Temple Sowerby to see whats going on. Nothing, all ok! Thank god! Back to Kirkby Thore, stare at plod! Christ, more teams down a side road! Violent turn, eyes peeled. De-tox teams & low loaders, keep going. There they are! Cull lorries & a road closed sign! Keep cool, get inside them this time, get them on your side, lull them into thinking you feel sorry for them! Cant go further, shrug at a guy in waterproofs & a white suit; I was looking lost & confused! It worked! "Sorry sir, are you trying to get home?" "Yes, I live down here!" "We are just finishing off sir." " Oh really whats going on here then Foot & Mouth!" (I am a lying bastard!). It worked he told me what a terrible day he was having, how many hours he had worked, when he last saw his wife & how sick of the job he was! HE was the Maff Field Officer! Just eat from here you bastard as I metaphorically held out my hand. Tell me more little man! "Oh thats terrible I said, you must be really missing your kids, I know I do when I am away!" Blah, blah blah! It was working! I was the only person that had been nice to him all day! We were down a lonely lane, no-one around & it was raining. BINGO! This stupid cretin fell for it! As we discussed events over the past few weeks I gently informed him that I knew a bit, without leaving his team! I HAD copies of the invoices dated last year that supplied MAFF with wood & disinfectant! BINGO, he agreed, "You know anyway, I dont know why the press havent picked up more on this, we were ordering last year!" he said smiling! "I know I said, never mind I said, I realise your position. By the way when will all this be over?" Hold breath. "We were told June 9th. But thats changed! Indefinitely." We really dont know! Who knows after the election!" "No leave for us. At least Haywood (Chief Regional Vet.) has had some leave, he came in the other day looking very tanned & healthy!" "How long was he away?" "2 weeks I think!" "Ok thanks, good luck! Sucker! I left grinning! Done it! Straight from the horses mouth. Sorry horses!

I then drove over to Bolton & Maulds Meaburn.

Just outside Bolton & a first contact! Christ theyve been busy today!! Nothing standing near Bolton! A few days ago these field were full of perfectly healthy heifers! No more! I Ignored the Maff teams. The next 4 hours were again a mixture of frustration, anger, fear & many more culled out farms. Huge numbers of cull wagons in Maulds Meaburn, slaughterers vans and much more!

Its now 02:13hrs. I am stuffed! Will write more tomorrow, but as a taster during the evening I spoke to a slaughterers labourer, saw a vet in a 4x4 with the number plate VET 1, and met an architect who had many contacts in the building & supply industry & gave me some more great news on when the Maffia ordered wood & how much, watched a lorry draining effluence from the cab, saw hundreds of sheep slaughtered, got chased by a de-tox labourer & very sadly heard about a newly born calfs last hours. That one hurt!

Got home at 22:45. There are now at least 20 less farms in this valley & around eight thousand less animals! The sound of the slaughterers pistols rang in my ears as I drove home. It was still raining.