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From Nick Green in Cumbria July 20th

I had a day off today with Helen, our first together for months! We had decided that I would continue to make arrangements for our meeting next Friday all morning and then in the afternoon we would go out with Jack, our Border Collie and have a good walk (round and round Appleby sports field)!

However around 6pm Elaine phoned and said there were mass movements around Rosgill again and huge numbers of cull lorries around the motorway junction at Shap. I had decided to stay in and have a family dinner but as usual I was again on the road monitoring this obscene policy controlled by that European madman Blair! Yes he is a complete madman, a liar and also a traitor! He must be tried for treason! I now firmly believe he is insane!

On the road and the full horror of what was going on this evening unfolded in front of my eyes. As cars sped past North and Sourth down the M6, completely unaware of the absolute horror occurring less than one kilometre from them, I observed the maffia chasing sheep to their deaths up on the fell around Hardendale Nab.

They were running everywhere; the slaughtermans white transit van in an adjacent field with a Land Rover Discovery and various de-tox vehicles. I watched appalled through binoculars. Both ewes and lambs running in different directions; gripped with terror and minutes to live! The roar of the motorway traffic continues as people travel to destinations unknown and here I am watching Cumbria`s killing fields once more!

I counted about 20-30 cull wagons and was surprised to see a SNOWIE lorry exiting the area with culled animals although we had been told they no longer hold a contract to transport dead animals! Many of the lorry drivers that passed just laughed at me,, some ignored me but still they came!

Then a TVI came across, small scruffy and probably still had acne! He was wearing his name tag; NIALL Mc DONALD, and he was IRISH! Lots of Irish vets here at the moment! He was quite brusk and asked me whether I was press and what I was doing! I might be press I might not I said, why do you ask? He mumbled something.
"Do you realise the contigious cull has no merit on scientific grounds?" Well do you?".
He ran away muttering something about he hadn`t got time to argue! Probably off to work out what percentage of his #78,000 he had earned that evening! No, he was calling the police! Nothing happened as usual!

I phoned Elaine who was now in Kirkby Stephen and asked her to bring more film. We met up 20 mins. later.

Most of the cull lorries leaving were only de-toxed around the wheels! Bored Snowie kids doing this! Then another TVI, this time with a bouncy black labrador getting his paws soaked in disinfectant! Bad for dogs, shouldn`t she know? Why, she knows nothing about scientific fact, why this? Poor dog! The four legged one!

Many sheep lying dead in the field, 2 escaped and we did not see them gathered all evening! A trailor tips large numbers of Rough Fell sheep pitifully downwards to lay scattered with little respect on the floor less than 20 metres from the South bound carriageway of the M6! Very near to an entrance of another farm, as yet untouched by the MAFFIA! I reflected silently; not long for them!

The obscene mayhem continued as we watched in anger. More cull lorries continued North and South. There were movements over to Oddendale so we decided to investigate.

Paul drove round in the lead. Then bingo! A Ford Focus, common TVI vehicles around here! A TVI was faffing around in a field. He appeared to be taking samples from dead stock. Up on the fell around Oddendale were huge numbers of cull lorries and diggers. Many more dead sheep lying around fields as the darkness started to fall! Another TVI car arrived with two TVI`s who then appeared to take more samples from dead stock.

Later we discovered that it was dead sheep lying pathetically between a wire fence and a stone wall. Probably jammed in and slaughtered as they tried desperately to escape the guns of the Maffia! They had failed!

The TvI`s drove off, ignoring us. The loading of huge quantities of animals continued and the powerful field lights lay silently near us unused this evening but no doubt will be used tomorrow! Then we noticed a pathetic sight! Alone in a huge open fell was one dead Rough Fell ewe! Obviously she had escaped and was gunned down in a last ditch and desperate fight for freedom! She had failed; like many thousands of others today!

It was now nearly dark and Elaine and Paul headed for home. I was determined to take one last look at Rosgill. I flashed my goodbyes and headed down the valley. Very little stock left! Then suddenly there they are! Job done by the look of it! De-toxers doing the road. I drove past. Crush crates in the road! It looked a big one and involved cattle. I drove on and then went back. A de-tox lorry had blocked my way. I waited patiently.

Then the Field Officer approached me and apologised for the delay! I said no problem, another one gone? Yes, sadly he said. A DC? I asked. Yes!
We chatted quietly. He was a very nice person specialising in poultry de-toxing but not a Maffia man! He confirmed that the cull was a big one and they were back tomorrow (July 21) for a huge day!
We chatted a little; he told me the policy was garbage and he had taken a lot of flack! I told him I could see why although he was only doing a job. Did he realise he was involved in illegal killing?

Then suddenly the dragon! The huge fat female Field Officer with blonde bleached hair! The same one that had offered me and all the cull lorry drivers Fish and Chips a few weeks ago; at the tax payers expense!

She became agitated and said, "You haven`t told him anything, have you?"
" Have you anything to hide then?" I asked.
"You are causing an obstruction, go away or I will get the Police!".
"Why, I am stuck here, you may not have noticed that huge lorry in front!"
" Go away or I will get the Police, It`s Donaldson, that`s who he is!"
I laughed! "Pardon?"
More laughing, then took her picture. They always hate that! Then she said "It`s Nick Green!"
" Very good dear, how many O levels in your family?"
"What have you told him he`s very dangerous!" She burbled!
"Goodnight, sweet dreams" I called out and drove off.

Another good day at the office Blair! Another bad day here in the killing fields of Cumbria! Tomorrow many more thousands of innocent animals will die at the hands of the worst tyrant since Hitler! Blair is destroying the very fabric of rural life in Cumbria and he`s getting away with it! I fear only the ultimate sentence will stop this madman! It is now common knowledge that all this madness has been caused simply by an arrogant government who failed to control experiments using synthetic vaccine on FMD infected animals in the NE of England. Fact!

Sleep well!