...dismissed instantly for questioning the legality of the contigious cull;


Spoke to several interesting people last night the results of which I will post now, quickly as I am about to go to work.

1. A vet from Devon rang me. He was dismissed instantly for questioning the legality of the contigious cull; without being paid for work done! Defra/Maff have refused to admit he had worked for them! He spoke to Mr Scudamore on Friday who stated the following:-

a). Form A`s will be modified to ensure Vet`s do not have to sign illegally. The form will now read "Possibly exposed to FMD". He also stated that the vet`s do not have to sign as the Maff Inspector could also!
b). There will NEVER be a plan of Immunisation against FMD in the UK.
c). All animals who after blood testing, and if found carrying anti-bodies will be culled. One sheep in a flock with anti-bodies will ensure the complete destruction of that flock. Same applies to cattle/pigs etc!

Also chatted to a milking lady from the Carlisle area. This is very disturbing as a friend of hers has witnessed a car throwing something from a window of a car in the area. On checking what, they found cows tongues in a field of clean stock! AND, the owner of the car is currently working for Maff as a slaughterman!

The TONGUES issue is expanding. In April I SAW bullocks tongues in a silage store recently after a cull near Knock!

Bad news all round!

Will report more later.