I feel that I must reply to the ridiculous comments by the MLC concerning the sell by date of meat and in particular beef.
At work we hang beef for at least two weeks.  All our beef is Welsh Black Organic and to suggest that any beef, in particular, a steak would be edible and past it's sell by date 10 days after slaughter is beyond belief !!!
Let me give you an instance.  ABP abattoir - who supply all the beef that goes to ASDA supermarkets mark the date the animal is slaughtered.  Let's assume it is three weeks before Christmas this year and ASDA place on order for sirloin/rump and fillet steaks.  The steaks are to be delivered in the week prior to the holiday - but are for sale after Xmas and the New Year.   The law permits the supermarket and/or abattoir/packing plant to add 56 DAYS to the life of the steak from the date of slaughter.  If this did not ocurr the supermarkets would have no fresh meat for sale after the Xmas holidays.   The beef sold to supermarkets has not been 'hung' but due to the packaging has 'matured'.  Meat is hung in order for the muscles to relax thus making the meat tender.  A tough steak is the result of either a distressed animal at slaughter or meat eaten when it is too 'fresh'.   This also applies to lamb and pork.
We receive around ten whole lambs each week from Hamer International Abattoir in Wales.  The lamb is Welsh and organic (same price at the moment as non organic !!).   We rotate the lambs in our big walk in chiller - which runs at 4C or below.   It would be impossible for us to use freshly killed lambs - we call them hot lambs - the meat would be very tough.  
I would suggest that the MLC does not have a clue what they are talking about, unless of course, they are referring to the date AFTER the 56 DAYS that the retailer stamped the meat.  This is perfectly legal and  common practice.