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Jan 21 ~ 11 Million animals dead officially confirmed.

    According to the Sunday Post yesterday, Defra has at last admitted they neglected to count millions of sheep and cattle who were culled in the foot and mouth crisis. The official figures don't include lambs "at foot" of sheep marked for slaughter ; the official tally would only record one animal. The same procedure operated for culled cattle. There were about 100,000 calves killed with the cows and 50,000 unborn calves close to birth. The Meat and Livestock Commission has confirmed that nearly 11 million animals were slaughtered in the cull. Jane Connor of the MLC says, "We will never know exactly how many were culled but it was many more than the official figure." A spokesman for DEFRA finally admited, "I stand corrected on that one. It- -seems it is standard practice - to count ewes and offspring as one animal. Your information is correct."
    Perhaps even the BBC, whose figures for animals slaughtered has hardly changed since early May will now give a more accurate version of the carnage.