Message from Robert Persey
"The EU conducted a report  DG(SANCO)/3367/2001-MR Final from 1 to 5 October 2001 looking at swill feeding and waste food from prohibited sources.
It would appear ( page 14) that the EU investigators were told that X ray scanner units and dogs assisted checks to control personal luggage at ports and airports.
It was reported that passengers were permitted to import 1 Kg of hermetically sealed cooked meat product.
What was the name of Tony's spinner who kept a straight face whilst telling those porkies ?
The report also disloses ( page 7) that ' Article 25 of the ABPO 1999 allowed, in contradiction to article 15, para 5 of Council Directive 80/217/EEC, the consigning of swill from premises approved for the processing and feeding swill to other holdings'. This is VERY important. Mr Bobby Waugh was granted a Licence by MAFF to remove cooked swill from a neighbouring pig farm and feed it to his own pigs. This Licence contravened EU law.  If MAFF had obeyed EU law, Bobby Waugh would not have been a swill feeder . MAFF was responsible for the spread of FMD. This will be part of the evidence presented by Mr Jason Podmore, when he brings his charge of misfeasance against DEFRA in the High Court. 
Mr Jason Podmore is serving his summons on Wednesday November 27 2002. The report DG(SANCO)/3367/2001 states that the Animal By products Order 1999 contadicted article 15, para 5 of Council Directive 80/217/EEC.  "