The biggest threat to European farmers is if they refuse to embrace change
and ditch subsidies, says a key former UK Government adviser.

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NB:   Take no notice of what British politicians say about the CAP and
subsidies.  The truth is that the French will decide how much longer they
want to take British and German taxpayers money to produce far more than
they require for their own consumption.  It then requires more British and
German taxpayers money to subsidise exports (of their surpluses) to
countries outside the EU.  The British Government seems happy to encourage
this overproduction in France, Ireland etc. and is willing to buy back the
surplus food at the expense of its own farmers.

Meanwhile British farmers are NOT overproducing in most sectors because we
still import about 50% of the Nation's food requirements.  For those sectors
contolled by EU quotas, there is little hope of supplying our own market
which has effectively been given to other EU countries.

The reason the British and German Govts want to cut farm spending is because
it is these two countries that are the main contributors to the CAP fund and
it is resticting spending on essential services in our home country.
However, it is true to say that EU spending cuts will be made (or
contributions increased) as money will be lavished on the 10 new countries
that are about to become part of the EU.

The CAP accounts for about half the cost of "running" the EU.  The rest goes
on the cost of running two parliaments, MEP salaries, advisors,
Commissioners, fraud and schemes to promote and enlarge the EU.

A nice little earner would be for Britain to withdraw from the EU and use
the money to support British industry and improve essential services.  The
trade we have with the EU is detrimental to Britain because far more comes
in than goes out - but we are subsidising what comes in!

Recent WTO rules and liberalisation of trade has made an EEC obsolete.  The
EU would still be keen to export their surpluses to us but we would not have
to support the production of those surpluses.  Instead, we could help less
developed and some of the poorer Commonwealth countries by trading with
them, as we did prior to entering the EEC.  The reason for sacrificing 25
democratic/ soverign parliaments by breaking their countries up into silly
little regions, controlled from Brussels, is for the benefit of politicians
and EUrocrats.

All the mainstream political parties have lied to us over the last thirty
years.  A Foreign and Commonwealth Office document has come to light under
the thirty year rule (it was buried by Heath).  It shows Heath and
subsequent politicians have lied to the electorate about soverignty and
other matters.  We voted for an EEC (a trading agreement), not a United
States of Europe.  You can read about it on-line at