Dear Mr Toft


As you and other members have seen fit to ignore every question I have asked concerning the Inquiry, I will continue to present you with questions until I have satisfactory answers.

 This time I would prefer it if YOU answered my correspondence.


  1. What was the remit given to Prof. Thomas in respect of the Inquiry?
  2. Who authorised Prof. Thomas to change the emphasis? I.E. To emphasise the human suffering?
  3. Did this change of emphasis fall outside that of the original brief?
  4. Why did a press release state that the delay in the final report was because of the amount of evidence? This was clearly incorrect as the initial report was so weak and insipid that members of the panel complained and the report had to be changed! (FACT).
  5. As you seemed very keen to state that Cumbrians are entitled to receive accountability from individuals (remember your statement when the Inquiry was released?) what methods do YOU recommend to fulfil that requirement?


I wait with interest for YOUR reply.