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July 2012
Important message from NOW.


There has been considerable work going on to gain the support of our UK MPs at Westminster. As you know, the new ROCs subsidy level has not been set, and many of you will be aware that RenewablesUK's lobbying team (Action for Renewables) have been working hard to get people to write to the Chancellor saying that they must retain ROCs at the current level.

The decision is likely to be made before the Summer Recess - We need to help our MPs who are on our side, and push those who aren't.

ACTION This Week Please:

Either - write and post a letter to your MP saying that wind should not receive subsidy (a letter is far more effective that emails).
Alternatively - gather a small group of about 6 of you and visit the MP's surgery or make an appointment to meet. This is particularly effective if you have a vicar / minister with you!

Reasons can include the fact that we are told this is a mature industry so shouldn't need subsidy and:

1.The subsidy payments for wind power will increase energy prices

2.The subsidy payments will increase the incidence of fuel poverty

3.the increase in energy costs will add costs to every sector of the economy

4.The increase in energy costs will fundamentally undermine the competitive of business to compete at home against imports and with exports abroad

5.The subsidy payments from the consumer would be better spent by the consumer in the general economy this would help to boost the economy

Government department keep saying you need a diverse energy portfolio but... France relies on nuclear power for 80% of their energy needs - you simply do not need a diverse energy generation, but you do need a cheap, simple and reliable energy generation.


If we win on ROCs it won't be the end.... But it could very well be the beginning of the end.

We have to get as many MPs as possible to join Chris Heaton-Harris MPs' group who are working hard for us but we have to push NOW.

Very best regards
Alison Davies
On behalf on NOW