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New Research Announced:

‘Selective Breeding on PrP Genotype

Evaluating the Consequences’


You may already have received some                           Participants in the project should be

correspondence about this new Defra-                         members of the National Scrapie Plan and

funded project. It has been set up to                            the flock should be part of one of the

address the sheep industry’s concerns                            following breeding schemes:

about the narrowing of the gene pool

since the launch of the National Scrapie                           * Charollais Sires

Plan.                                                                            * Elite Texel Sires

                                                                                    * Centurion Sire Reference Scheme

The project aims to collect and analyse                            * Bluefaced Leicester Sire Reference

information and monitor possible Scheme                         * Highlands and Islands Sheep

associations of Prion Protein (PrP)                                   * Beulah Sire Reference Scheme

genotype with performance, survival and Strategy             *CAMDA and CAMP Welsh Mountain

health characteristics.                                                        Group Breeding Schemes


The research will involve breeds that are                           

representative of each sector of the UK

sheep industry. The major breeds chosen                         Additionally breeders should be prepared

to represent the industry are Charollais,                           to participate in the project for three

Texel, Poll Dorset, Bluefaced Leicester,                             years.

Scottish Blackface, Cheviot, Beulah and

Welsh Mountain.                                                             For more information about the research

                                                                                     or to register your interest please

The project will require data from at least                         contact:

200 breeding ewes per year to obtain                                Veterinary Laboratories Agency  01932 341111

reliable  results and give credibility to the