There are articles on land-care; the idea is to try and
make available  in-depth information if people want to delve in to it.

There are comments on the EU Temporary Committee paper, responding to
individual paragraphs and  describing  Land-Care org's view of the way forward. 
Papers on which are based  the theory of the current projections for
the occurrence of vCJD in man can be examined.  The limitations of these papers are pointed out.

An important conference on Integrated Farm Management
(Prof Trewavas) is reported.  The importance of the farmer in the care of the
environment (MacLennan) also.

The distribution of notified cases of scrapie up and down the country is
The Farm Diary section will  develop into a simple source of
education about farming for those who are not at all acquainted with it and
will  illustrate the application of some of the better science
discussed on the website

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