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Dear TB Support Group and TB Update Group

If you are a BAS member you have no doubt received the BAS email about the Camelid Gamma Validation Project.

The BAS didn't mention in the email that the project is aiming to validate not just the Camelid Gamma interferon but ALSO the Chembio Rapid Test.

I was very saddened to see that the BAS didn't mention nor thank the members of the TB Support Group who have trialled either or both these tests. Without those of us who have trialed either or both these tests the project would never have begun. So first and foremost these people need a huge thank you.

I therefore am releasing my own statement which is attached.

Kindest Regards

Dianne Summers
Camelid TB Support Group
01209 822422

1st October 2010 ~ Camelids: Gamma Validation Project Goes Ahead.