Some of the major points made - in brief

Warmwell's front page reports about the EU Temporary Committee's

draft report on FMD

October 1-2 2002

Oct 2 ~ "Dreadful mess and suffering"

Oct 2 ~ EU draft document on UK opposition to vaccination

Oct 2 ~" only the courts can definitively determine whether the 3 km cull was legal"

Oct 2 ~ should also have regard for changes in people's way of life and in attitudes towards the environment and animal welfare

Oct 2 ~ "The practice adhered to in compensating farmers in the event of an FMD outbreak is unjust."

Oct 2 ~ Vaccination - the EU Draft Document

Oct 2 ~ Contingency Planning

Oct 2 ~ Research and Development

Oct 2 ~ protection of animals during transport.

Oct 2 ~ The EU Draft document in full

Oct 1/2 ~ "Britain's handling of the foot and mouth crisis was branded cruel, incompetent and confused ......apparent attempts by the government to stifle the EU committee findings have failed..." .


Oct 2 ~"you have to understand the nature of people, the fact that they have their livelihoods, their animals which they care for, and that you cannot under any civilised society go around killing large numbers of animals to form a firebreak ..."

The senior vet, Roger Windsor, at the Lessons Learned meeting at Lockerbie
. One of our very few disappointments with the EU report was its acceptance that things were somehow done better in Scotland. One has only to re-read the transcript of the public meeting in Lockerbie to see how very far from the truth that is.
Incidentally, it is ironic to read Dr Anderson's words of reassurance at that meeting..." .. your question on access to papers, I have been assured that any papers that are pertinent to the scope of our work in foot and mouth disease terms will be available to us and I can report to you that so far all requests that we have made in that regard have been fully met..."
So why did Dr Anderson not have access to records of the discussions which led to the bizarre policy of the 3 kilometre cull? And why have commentators not demanded to know why? The EU Temporary Committee's draft report on FMD is very useful - but there are still so many unanswered questions of national importance.

Some of the major points made - in brief