Warmwell "Front Page" Archive 2001 - 2004

Jan 23 2004 ~ Zimbabwe faces new FMD devastation - its appeals have led only to "paltry doses of vaccines"

Jan 23 ~ Mr Owen Paterson has tabled a series of Commons questions about DEFRA non-payment

Jan 20 - 23 ~ "Questions should be asked about research which relies so heavily on data produced by the industry itself"

Jan 20 - 23 ~ Hill farms teetering on the breadline

Jan 20 - 23 ~ "Common, co-ordinated epidemiological studies leading to a common control policy should be sought and supported by the international community."

Jan 20 - 23 ~ an "unarguable case" for a move away from intensive chemical farming methods.

Jan 20 - 23 ~ Civil Contingencies Bill will allow sweeping new powers

Jan 20 ~ Defra's Horse Passport Pantomime

Jan 19 ~ "I am pleased to know that the Commission is keeping up the pressure on the Government, which still has plenty to answer for over foot and mouth disease." Giles Chichester MEP

Jan 16 - 19 ~ the courts have finally called Defra's bluff on a campaign of intimidation.... Of 1200 cases investigated, the National Audit Office last year found that only 18 involved fraud, non proven and most now abandoned.

Jan 16 - 19 ~ "Defra's tactics have been comprehensively ruled as illegal."

Jan 16- 19 ~ Frustrated NFU dairy farmer will make a dramatic protest on Monday

Jan 16 - 19 ~ "DEFRA has abandoned its proposals to impose a 150km distance limit on the movement of livestock

Jan 16 ~ “It's frightening that this is the way they are treating people who did their best to help them beat the outbreak. It's cynical and dishonourable."

Jan 15 ~"The reason we have tended to go in the direction of wind power is the (EU) subsidy..."

Jan 14 2004 ~ "We are being asked to believe that a department which is regarded as being notoriously dysfunctional is now being uncharacteristically prudent."

Jan 13 2004~ "...Seven months after the culling of our healthy animals, Fred Landeg sent us a seven page letter telling us that our farm was still highly infectious"

Jan 12/13 2004 ~ "There has been no instance of vaccinated carriers of the virus being the cause of the introduction or recurrence of FMD."

Jan 12/13 ~ Foot and mouth disease: facing the new dilemmas

Jan 12 2004 ~"the paradigm 'free of FMD without vaccination' is not synonymous with 'risk free'"

Jan 12 2004 ~ James Scudamore refers to "supposedly effective vaccines"

Jan 12 2004 ~ Scrapie "the compulsory EU scheme takes effect in April 2005. Implementing the EU schemes will be a major task..."

Jan 12 2004 ~ "growing evidence to suggest organic farming has improved animal welfare.."

Jan 10 2004~ Munich's Tageszeitung downplays risk of BSE after flaws in testing are reported

Jan 10 ~ emergency vaccination would be considered...part of the control strategy.....where measures additional to culling.... were needed.

Jan 10 2004 ~ DEFRA "does not believe there are any valid unpaid and outstanding invoices, submitted by businesses to the Department, for work undertaken in connection with the foot and mouth outbreak. "

Jan 10 2004 ~ Yet another alleged "fraud" case and its effect on the family concerned.

Jan 9 2004 ~ "put through hell"

Jan 7 2004 ~ "This was a heavy handed prosecution by Defra of a farmer struggling to cope with the foot and mouth epidemic."

Jan 7 2004 ~ Almost £20 million has been spent investigating suspected fraudulent claims from contractors for work to deal with the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in 2001 ...

January 6 2004 ~ DEFRA refuses to allow pet pig out of the house "this can spread the risk of foot and mouth disease" says official

January 6 2004 ~BSE: "We have made a decision to depopulate those bull calves"

January 4 2004 ~ "...a disease that is not contagious between animals nor is contagious between people. "

Jan 4 2004 ~ the decision to grant permission for the monkey laboratory was a forgone conclusion, predetermining the result of the inquiry

Jan 4 2004 ~ Interruption to Warmwell

January 3 2004 ~ Telegraph asserts that humans can contract a form of the disease by eating infected meat

January 2 2004 ~" BSE 'panic' "

January 1 2004 ~ New Year Message: The Archbishop of Canterbury

December 30 ~"Apocalypse never"

Dec 30 2003 ~"Lord Melchett will suggest that the forces behind intensive agriculture have refused to accept the environmental, human health or social damage of the system as a serious problem."

December 29 2003 ~ Farming folly

Dec 29 2003 ~ Canada angry as American officials claim BSE-infected cow came from Alberta

December 28/29 2003 ~ "...cow blood and fat can still be fed to America's calves; and it often is, especially on dairy farms because it will boost milk yield. .." (Sunday Herald)

December 28/29 2003 ~ Alberta and Saskatchewan are known to be TSE hotspot zones

December 28/29 2003 ~ Ironically, three months ago, officials from the U.S. together with others from Canada and Mexico, wrote a letter to the 164-nation OIE

Dec 22 - 29 2003 ~" It is all but certain that their entire 4,000-strong herd will have to be slaughtered so that the brains and spinal tissue of the other animals can be tested."Independent

Dec 22 - 29 2003 ~ BSE in Washington state: "The news played havoc on financial markets.."

Dec 22 - 29 2003 ~ First 'mad cow' case rattles US

Dec 22 - 29 2003 ~ M-tuberculosis complex genetic probe has " proven to be 100% accurate in predicting the presence of bovine TB in 449 cases the DNR has tested through 2002."

Dec 22 - 29 2003 ~ Hemispheric Conference on the eradication of Foot and Mouth Disease - Houston, Texas, USA - 3 and 4 March 2004

Dec 22 - 29 2003 ~ "Some procedural shortcomings" Misty.

Dec 22 - 29 2003 ~ Interruption to Warmwell

Dec 22 - 29 2003 ~ "The countryside matters. It matters more than Treasury borrowing limits or overspending."

Nov 30 - Dec 6 2003 ~ DEFRA's Contingency Plan fulfills the requirements of Section 32B of the Animal Health Act - to make "legal" pre-emptive or 'firebreak' culling

Nov 30 - Dec 6 2003 ~ DEFRA's Contingency Plan. A MINIMUM of 5 days to elapse before vaccination implemented?

Nov 30 - Dec 6 2003 ~ New Contingency Plan incorporates the Animal Health Act 2002 - slaughter of healthy animals could be easier

Nov 30 - Dec 6 2003 ~ Problems "now" overcome?

Nov 30 - Dec 6 2003 ~ "The latest act of pure genius"....Muckspreader in Private Eye

Nov 30 - Dec 6 2003 ~ Why are "pig pyramids" exempted?

Nov 30 - Dec 6 2003 ~ DEFRA - late payments

Nov 30 - Dec 6 2003 ~ DEFRA announces progress on Vaccination as an "additional control strategy for FMD"

Nov 30- Dec 6 2003 ~ "...unnecessarily bureaucratic framework"

Nov 28 2003 ~"It is time that family farmers learned those names and addresses so that a united resistance can begin in earnest"

Nov 28 2003 ~"...one is left to wonder why no other explanation other than BSE as the cause of variant CJD is considered"

Nov 27/28 2003 ~ who is benefiting by short-circuiting our attempts to understand and remedy the crisis gripping our family farms and rural communities

Nov 27 2003 ~ New Zealand seeks response management software for animal disease

Nov 27 2003 ~" It is important that animal keepers have confidence that their animals will be treated within an ethical, open and pre-agreed framework"

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ The MPs seemed shocked and embarrassed that the contractors had not yet been paid.

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~" when family farms are painted as inefficient, then their loss can be swept aside as an unfortunate but necessary effect of progress..."

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ Experimenting on non-human primates is not only ethically unsupportable, it is scientifically unreliable

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ "An alternative explanation is staring them in the face..."

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ the increasing take-over of our food-chain globally and nationally by agribusiness

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ Ben Bradshaw says "In 2002 - 03 we spent nearly £74 million on the bovine tuberculosis (TB) Five Point Plan.." - but there is to be no second test for the Morris family

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ New Chief Vet

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ "...there is a growing belief that detailed investigation is needed into other possible causes, including unexplained transmission from cow to cow or long-term contamination in soil."

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ "DEFRA has announced £1.6m research project

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ "There is no need for additional equipment, the test is performed at room temperature and results are available in less than 3.5 hours."

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~" it is quite possible that BSE and variant CJD have emerged as a result of manganese-rich industrial pollution that has only occurred in the last century."

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~" the science went out of the window, as perceived self-interest and political expediency came in"

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ The whole of the EU's scrapie eradication programme thus rests on a card-house of unproven hypotheses.

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ Margaret Beckett "astonished" by Tory claims about "how terrible things are in the countryside"

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ 17,000 farm workers gave up last year

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ the Government should be putting some effort into Gamma interferon testing

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ Plans to tag every sheep in Europe got the thumbs down this afternoon.

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ "This is actually far worse than Foot and Mouth"

Nov 19 - 26 2003 ~ Owen Paterson has been appointed the new Shadow Minister for Agriculture

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ "Factory farms are more dangerous for our lifestyle and democracy than Osama bin Laden and global terrorism"

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ "The devastating foot and mouth outbreak is only too fresh in our minds...

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ Farmers Guardian: "OPs - have your say"

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ 12,000 species face extinction

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ total suspension of common sense ...

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ Pigs on the trotter

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ Britain's richest farmers are set to keep the lion's share of the country's £2bn-a-year farm subsidies ...

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ There is much lip-service in the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy to the word "welfare"

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ The European Court of Auditors is believed to be deeply concerned by FMD's spiralling costs and by the controversial contiguous cull policy

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ "The control of disease by killing farm animals is promoted unashamedly and no apology made for failing to apply methods in human medicine to the care of farm animals.."

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ "There has got to be a better test"

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ 100,000 cows go missing from records

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ "The common sense in science is being replaced by nonsense,"

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ "I have never been persuaded that it was right to ban routine vaccination - I believe there was and is a strong case for it."

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~"Kill your cows privately," DEFRA suggests

Nov 11-18 2003 ~ Mrs Beckett hints that parts of the Haskins report may not be implemented for years - if ever.

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~Lord Haskins criticises Defra's functions as "confused" and "overcentralised"

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ Following the axing of English Nature, Sir David Attenborough says that anything that diminishes an independent voice for wildlife and conservation is to be deplored

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ "complacent and cowardly response is unworthy of the minister and his department"

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ Haskins recommends clarification of policy so that everyone, including DEFRA personnel, actually understands it

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~" While landowners and farmers are planting trees for the 22nd century, the Government only seems to be sowing seeds for the next election"

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ DEFRA application for warrant withdrawn

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ Pig factories are invading Poland.

Nov 11 - 18 2003 ~ David Curry : DEFRA "has too large a brief, is not succeeding and has to be reformed."

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ It appears that the Animal Health Act was cited to the Morris family as the legal basis for the killing of their cows.

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ "Small farms in this country are disappearing at an alarming rate.. "

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Ministers are this weekend trying to back away from abolishing England's official independent wildlife watchdog

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Sir Peter O'Sullevan wants to stop the horse export ban from being lifted

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~Export of horses: Lord Whitty "My Lords, the Government share the concerns that many people have about the welfare of horses..We are reviewing the options..."

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Legal intimidation, use of the Animal "Health" Bill to force slaughter

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ BSE: Mr Lidington asks why Prof Ebringer's research grant was stopped

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ We will all have enough to eat if we stick to the good, old-fashioned craft of farming.

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Ninth case of BSE in Japan

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Bovine Gamma Interferon Test

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Badgers, cattle and the reality of a control and elimination programme for TB

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ "A blizzard of crazy regulations is threatening the countryside's future"

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ "This International Conference will be based on the valuable experience gained in the control and eradication of foot and mouth disease and other significant animal diseases and zoonoses through the use of vaccination

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ "..let the Government publish Lord Haskins' report now, instead of giving secret and selective briefings

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Mrs Beckett favours yet more more centralisation

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Nicola Morris threatened with arrest over TB slaughter resistance

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Scrapie - new compulsory EU measures

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ "unnecessarily onerous and unreasonably draconian.... It has nothing to do with food safety or animal welfare. "

Nov 3 - 10 2003 ~ Mark Purdey is speaking on his research at Penrith Rugby club on Saturday 15th November at I.30 pm.

Oct 19 - 27 2003 ~"... This is how the supermarkets can keep the price down - because other EU countries are awash with milk, produced less efficiently by farmers who receive much more financial help from their governments"

Oct 19 - 27 ~ Heading for Showdown on FMD Clean-up Bills "...we got what we were expecting in that Defra didn't answer the questions we posed"

Oct 19 - 27 ~ The shortcomings of foot and mouth 2001 should not be blamed on the regrettable decline in farm animal vets. Communication is still "poor"

Oct 19 - 27 ~ the "Expert Group" referred to in Section 78 of the Directive: will it include international expertise in foot and mouth disease diagnosis, vaccination and relevant new technologies?

Oct 19 - 27 ~ Commons Rural Affairs Committee raises serious concerns about the declining number of vets specialising in the welfare of farmyard animals.

Oct 19 - 27 ~ Clarification about culling and vaccination is urgently needed

Oct 19 - 27 ~ " The issues surrounding culling and vaccination must be cleared up beyond any doubt before, heaven forbid, we are ever hit again by this dreadful disease."

Oct 19 - 27 ~ EFRA Select Committee urged by RCVS to question claims that the " mathematically justified contiguous cull" brought FMD under control in 2001

Oct 19 - 27 ~ "If the government actually owned up and said that they can't afford to pay now, at least the banks could then arrange to help with companies' cash flow problems."

Oct 19 - 27 ~"Why they are asking all horse and pony owners to apply for horse passports when the required statutory instrument has neither been laid before, nor approved by, Parliament?"

Oct 19 - 27 ~ U.S. Issues New Rules to Protect National Food Supply: meanwhile, DEFRA's dogs are sniffing - but without conviction

Oct 19 - 27 ~"The Commission confirmed that it cannot contribute to the cost of destroying eight million healthy animals under the "pre-emptive cull" scheme, because compensation can only legally be paid for the slaughter of infected animals.. "

Oct 19 - 27 ~"The conclusion I have drawn from analysis of the 2001 FMD epidemic, is that indeed an effective animal disease strategy is dependent on frequent objective review

Oct 13 - 19 ~ ~ EU Compromise over sheep ID plan

Oct 13 - 19 ~"What if they had been questioned on FMD?"

Oct 13 - 19 ~ Fresh Calls for Foot and Mouth Inquiry

Oct 13 -19 ~ Contingency Plans should be made public

Oct 13- 19 ~ Telegraph: "Foot and mouth farce could cost £1 billion"

Oct 13 - 19 ~ EU Commission is considering capping the UK's total final FMD payment "grave concerns about the controversial contiguous cull policy"..."

Oct 13 - 19 ~ ""lasting mistrust" between communities in Cumbria and the government, over the handling of the foot-and-mouth epidemic"

Oct 13 - 19 ~"DEFRA and its Scottish equivalent should remember that if they do not get their houses in order regarding FMD then the EU has taken the power to do it for them."

Oct 13 - 19 ~ "I have never been offered funding by the UK government or anybody from the UK in fact."

Oct 6 - 13 ~"exposure to high intensities of both naturally occurring and man made radioactive metals seems to explain the emergence of every cluster of TSE that has reared its ugly head around the world"

Oct 6 - 13 ~ How GM crop trials were rigged ".. the GM trials, whose results will be reported on Thursday, were always more political than scientific"

Oct 6 - 13 ~ significant "irregularities" in our Government's handling of the crisis

Oct 6 - 13 ~ only £217 million of a possible £948.6 million compensation for FMD losses paid to UK by EU

Oct 6 - 13 ~ FMD simulation exercise in Scotland. Mistakes were made. Lessons must be learned

Oct 6 - 13 ~ No-one will insure GM crops

Oct 6 - 13 ~ "...the Community is also a Community of values, and its policies to combat animal diseases must not be based purely on commercial interests but must also take genuine account of ethical principles."

Oct 6 - 13 ~ The government can no longer claim its hands are tied on GM by the EU.

Oct 6 - 13 ~ And so the wheel keeps grinding..

Oct 6 - 13 ~ Caught Between Science & Society: Researching & Documenting the Impact of FMD

Oct 6 - 13 ~ "...the Dutch do not take to idiotic laws all that easily"

Oct 6 - 13 ~ Einstein would not be ignored today; he would be ground down, like the rest of us in British academia.

Sept 30 - Oct 6 ~ according to the FSA's reading of EC hygiene rules, it is perfectly all right for an inexperienced, untrained farmer to kill animals for human consumption, but for a qualified expert to do the job is a criminal offence.

Sept 30 - Oct 6 ~ Government using CAP reform to divide and rule? asks CLA

Sept 30 - Oct 6 ~"Emergency vaccination is moved to the forefront of control measures instead of being the last resort. The new legislation is a true reform." David Byrne

Sept 30 - Oct 6 ~ Dr David Paton says the world needs quicker FMD vaccines

Sept 21 - 27 ~ Mary Marshall writes today (Saturday): " Thank you for drawing attention to the simulation exercises in Wales and Scotland and to my own comments, but I would like the opportunity to clarify my suggestions:

Sept 21 - 27 ~" full details of the exercise will not be fully revealed in order to determine the effectiveness of the systems which would be put in place in relatively authentic circumstances."

Sept 21-27 ~The new national scrapie plan scheme announced by Defra has been described as "bad news and bad science"

Sept 21 -27 2003 ~ TB outbreak on Anglesey - no badgers, enclosed herd, farm was given the all-clear 11 months ago - more slaughter of breeding stock

Sept 21 - 27 ~ "The arguments against vaccination, based on the assumption that vaccinated animals can become infected without showing signs of the disease, are spurious..."

Sept 21 -27 ~ The 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic in the United Kingdom: animal welfare perspectives

Sept 21 - 27 ~ Sheep at centre of BSE scare

Sept 21 - 27 ~ The FMD question is still going on

Sept 21 - 27 ~ "the banning of Canadian beef might have had a lot more to do with protectionism than health concerns"

Sept 21-27 ~ The chairman of the GM Debate Steering Board, Professor Malcolm Grant, told the BBC the overwhelming response to GM was one of "concern and scepticism".

Sept 21 - 27 ~ Canada, the U.S. and Mexico want an international group overseeing animal health issues.

Sept 21-27 ~ What input will UK stakeholders have into this important dialogue?

Sept 21 - 27 ~ more chemicals are used to grow food in Britain than in any other major industrialised country

Sept 21 -27 2003 ~ TB outbreak on Anglesey - no badgers, enclosed herd, farm was given the all-clear 11 months ago - more slaughter of breeding stock

Sept 21 - 27 ~ "The arguments against vaccination, based on the assumption that vaccinated animals can become infected without showing signs of the disease, are spurious..."

Sept 21 -27 ~ The 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic in the United Kingdom: animal welfare perspectives

Sept 21 - 27 ~ Sheep at centre of BSE scare

Sept 21 - 27 ~ The FMD question is still going on

Sept 21 - 27 ~ "the banning of Canadian beef might have had a lot more to do with protectionism than health concerns"

Sept 21-27 ~ The chairman of the GM Debate Steering Board, Professor Malcolm Grant, told the BBC the overwhelming response to GM was one of "concern and scepticism".

Sept 21 - 27 ~ Canada, the U.S. and Mexico want an international group overseeing animal health issues.

Sept 21-27 ~ What input will UK stakeholders have into this important dialogue?

Sept 21 - 27 ~ more chemicals are used to grow food in Britain than in any other major industrialised country

Sept 21- 27 ~" farmers in the six counties of England's eastern region consume more than a quarter of agricultural subsidies in Britain - more than £540m annually."

Sept 21- 27 ~ The Royal Society's refusal to publish the GM crop trials overview paper likely to "arouse suspicions" about the society's motives.

Sept 21- 27 ~ "Foot-and-mouth ran wild, GM is used ineptly and we can't trust meat."

Sept 21- 27 ~ Sheep tags - "the regulation merely takes a previous version referring to cattle, changing "bovine" to "ovine" throughout"

Sept 21 - 27 ~ The Daily Mail hypes fears of sheep slaughter

Sept 14 - 20 ~ "Alternative views on cause and control have been side-lined."

Sept 14 - 20 ~ "...the biotech industry has turned to a more subtle public relations drive to gain European acceptance of GM."

Sept 14 - 20 ~ the theoretical risk of scrapie obscuring hypothetical BSE....

Sept 14 - 20 ~ live animal test for the detection of TSE

Sept 7 - 13 ~ The government is reviewing contingency plans for a sheep catastrophe, long recognised as a theoretical risk.

Sept 7-13 ~"The agent in question is a genetically modified virus designed to replicate and spread. It is a new, man-made disease"

Sept 7 - 13 ~ Bluetongue is heading north across Europe

Sept 7 - 13 ~ Zimbabwe mass cull of buffalo "futile and bizarre"

Sept 7 - 13 ~ "Defra given carte blanche to kill" - Booker's Notebook

Sept 1 -7 ~ "It is bewildering from a legal point of view that people can have their livelihoods just taken away from them"

Sept 1-7 ~"... their final farcical solution on these poor creatures?"

Sept 1-7 ~ " toxin levels are assessed via an unpleasant technique known as the Mouse Bioassay Test..."

Sept 1 - 7 ~ "There are fears that meat from lambs reared on 300 farms in Wales could be contaminated as some farmers may be illegally dipping their sheep in chemicals normally used on crops. "


Sept 1 -7 ~ Suspected FMD in Argentina. Immediate measures taken - no pre-emptive slaughter.

Sept 1 - 7 ~ " senior veterinary staff must be in charge"

Sept 1 - 7 ~ in January 1999 the Drummond report had recommended five areas of improvement for the State Veterinary Field Service to improve its state of readiness in the event of an outbreak of disease such as foot and mouth

Sept 1 - 7 ~"rigid and inflexible approach from the centre which caused months of unnecessary anguish."

Sept 1 - 7 ~ The power to panic: the Animal Health Act 2002

Sept 1 - 7 ~ "It is patently clear that GIS and handheld wireless computers are the way we all should be moving...too often there is a game script that is played out whatever the players do or not do."

Sept 1-7 ~ Those of us who went through that first half of 2001, even as at arm's length as a reporter hearing farmers cry, never want to hear or see anything like it again.

Sept 1-7 ~ "Above all, the creation (which is a requirement in the EU FMD Directive) of "a permanently operational Expert Group ... to maintain expertise and assist the relevant authority in qualitative disease preparedness"

Aug 25 - 31 ~ A footnote on the Janet Hughes story

Aug 25 - 31 ~ Carwyn Jones says, " We did what we did in the interests of most farmers" and, of the Lee/Campbell report, " I don't think it has any value for any future control of the disease"

Aug 25 - 31 ~" In sum, stamping out was abandoned in all but name. Mass, almost indiscriminate killing took place."

Aug 25 - 31 ~ Colombian livestock owners are worried by the appearance last Monday of foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreaks.

Aug 25 - 31 ~"The suppression of scientific dissent is one of the most serious and visible signs of the 'academic-industrial-military complex' at work.."

Aug 19 - 25 ~ EU document states that scrapie is not considered to be transmissible to humans or to pose a risk to man ....

Aug 19-25 ~ "despite the universal scare mongering over the 'hyperinfectious' nature of the prion..."

Aug 19 - 25 ~ "Although there is a need for states to be proactive in protecting their resources, there remain more questions than answers regarding this disease."

Aug 19 -25 ~ Vaccine and Diagnostic Kits for FMD ready for use in Tunisia

Aug 18 - 25 ~"...something is out of balance, that the excessive unnaturalness we force on livestock could be catching up with us"

Aug 18 - 25 ~ Political pressure to find a quick fix is no substitute for proper veterinary research into the causes and transmission of disease.

Aug 15-18 ~ "Similar kits exist, but Saalmüller's version is quicker to use and costs one-fifth the price of its rivals." (Nature Aug 1 2003)

Aug 15-18 ~ "novel, untested policies.. unsupported by expert opinion.. may have serious ethical issues, as well as personal consequences...."

Aug 15-18 " ~ ".. failure of the peer-review process has provided a false veneer of authenticity to the models.."

Aug 15-18 " ~ No Judicial Inquiry has ever been able to probe reasons

Aug 15-18 " ~ The tired old argument about consumer resistance to vaccinated meat is referred to by NFU Wales as a "major question"

August 15-18 " ~ Janet Hughes sees limited light at the end of a long tunnel

Aug 13 ~ Warmwell.com is enjoying a short break

Aug 7 ~ "Special Advisers" to MAFF - with all necessary authority and credentials - were compelling decent public servants to act in a wholly reprehensible manner... "

Aug 4 ~ The NFU and its anti-vaccination line

Aug 1-4 ~ "the campaign to eradicate it by hundreds of Defra inspectors is based on hysterical over-reaction...."

Aug 1-4 ~ "..these results clearly demonstrate the ability of a simple peptide-based assay to discriminate between infected and conventionally FMD-vaccinated animals."

Aug 1-4 ~ Pirbright's FMD review

Aug 1 ~ The Effect of Government Policies on the Communities and Economy of Rural Britain.

Read in full

Aug 1 ~ Defra is ordering the mass burning of affected plants.

July 29 ~ scientific membership should be more inclusive and less exclusive.

July 29 ~ a "quick and organised veterinary response" to any future disease outbreak.

July 29 ~ "government departments do not have sufficient scientific expertise"

July 29 ~ " we neglect the study of animal sources of infection at our peril "

July 29 ~" The cost of moving to better welfare is often assumed to be greater than it is."

July 29 ~ "very real fear of retaliatory action"

July 29 ~ 100% of Canadian Farmers do not want GM wheat to be licensed after their experiences with rape and other GM crops

July 28 ~ New money found for fallen stock scheme - and DEFRA's 50% take-up demand is dropped

July 24 ~" Margaret Beckett's department is not operating efficiently

July 23 ~ The Labour Party will attempt to relaunch its image in the countryside this autumn by staging a one-day rural summit - in London.

July 23 ~ Spiralling debts and plummeting membership has forced the NFU to close their London HQ and sell off property (including Ben Gill's presidential style flat in Covent Garden.)

July 20/21 ~ "Dark actors playing games"

July 19/20 ~ Pressure to break up DEFRA intensifies

July 19/20 ~ "bad practice at a pig farm" led to the foot and mouth crisis says Ben Bradshaw.

July 18 ~The government's eight-week national dialogue on genetically modified organisms draws to a close today amid widespread criticism of the way it was organised.

July 17/18 ~ 70 per cent of fallen stock is taken, free, by hunts, but with a ban on hunting looming that option would no longer be available to farmers.

July 17/18 ~ The levels of bureaucracy are absolutely ludicrous, and very expensive

July 17 ~ " Is Lord Whitty aware that "SAT 2 is of concern because as a serotype it has a reputation for being highly contagious and antigenically diverse"

July 17 ~ The harder things get the more our noses are to the grindstone trying to survive.

July 16/17 ~ ".. we have had to live with all these rubbish regulations which have done nothing to improve profits, and all our exports have been driven away because of mis-handling by our Government."

July 16/17 ~ Ministers will press ahead with plans for a compulsory levy on farmers to help pay for any outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease

July 16 ~ Consider this: "We would then, provided the vaccine was appropriate to the strain, consider as a first priority the use of preventive vaccination"

July 15/16 ~ Plans for sheep cull under a scrapie plan that has become mandatory

July 16 ~ Sixteen new initiatives have been unveiled today as part of an outline AnimalHealth and Welfare Strategy for Great Britain.

May 22 ~ EU Parliament votes for stricter GM labelling

May 21 ~ "The circumstantial evidence is compelling, but it has not been proven scientifically..."

May 21 ~ BSE Madness - One dead Canadian cow causes mayhem. The US immediately bans all Canadian cattle, sheep and goats, meat and other products. Tyson and McDonalds shares plummet...

May 21 ~ The stock-response belief that BSE kills people is still widespread;

May 20 ~"... knowledge commodified and subject to market forces"

May 20 ~ Ethical or moral reasons do not count. It is impossible under EU rules for Britain to stop GM crops being grown commercially....

May 18 ~ Britain's most expensive myth

May 17 ~ The EU Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health has given North Rhine-Westphalia permission to vaccinate zoo birds.

May 16/17 ~ Stop the slaughter "The issue of whether or not vaccinations should be carried out after an outbreak so as to avoid a mass cull of birds is a moral one"

May 16 ~ Avian influenza

May 16 ~ "The authorities put the interests of a small group of exporters before the interests of hundreds of thousands of animal lovers."

May 16 ~ These fine compassionate words from the 1954 Protection of Birds Act...

May 16 ~ "The curious conviction that animals are without feelings has gone largely unchallenged to this day"

May 15 ~ These recent Parliamentary Questions and Answers into Foot and Mouth show

May 15 ~ "A Memorial to the millions of animals killed during the foot-and- mouth outbreak two years ago is to be unveiled by the Duchess of Hamilton..."

May 15 ~ Fallen Stock measures unworkable in practice?

May 13/14 ~"if justice prevails and this case is heard, the revelations will lead to renewed pressure for a Public Inquiry into FMD..."

May 13/14 ~".. An extended power to slaughter animals for disease control/prevention reasons" Scotland

May 12/13 ~ "The government is stifling science by concentrating research spending on certain universities and letting the rest languish" (In Brief column of the Times : May 12)

May 12 ~ "The following issues have to be solved before emergency vaccination can be introduced. With significant effort by DEFRA, this should be possible by the end of 2003." Royal Society Inquiry July 2002

May 12 ~ Ministers talk of enhancing consumer choice but are proposing a policy that offers no choice.

May 10/11 ~ ....a monopoly on the word "organic" itself, making it illegal for independent producers to adopt higher standards and create their own labels.

May 10 ~ "Not only are intensive systems cruel, but they make herds vulnerable to the rapid spread of devastating diseases..

May 9/10 ~ Suspected case of AI (avian flu) has been found on a farm in Schwalmtal, in the German state of NordRhein Westfalen (NRW).

May 9/10 ~ "an exemption to the six day standstill for individually identified cattle, sheep and goats attending shows.

May 9/10 ~ EU electronic tagging study: " The IDEA project has demonstrated that a substantial improvement can be reached for livestock identification by using electronic identifiers;"

May 9/10 ~ " to proceed from a large-scale project, comprising nearly one million animals in six EU countries towards approximately 200 million animals in 15 EU countries."

May 9 ~"We are shocked by this bizarre move to recommend Ministers adopt an insane definition of what is waste and what is food."

May 9 ~ "the lack of affordable homes was now 'the single greatest threat to a viable countryside' "

May 8 ~ Protest as Lidl tries to cut milk price

May 8 ~ The primary vCJD epidemic in the known susceptible genotype in the UK appears to be in decline

May 7 ~ Two recent letters published in the Veterinary Record

May 6 ~".. the proposals in their present form would be all but impossible to comply with"

May 6 ~"The following issues have to be solved before emergency vaccination can be introduced. With significant effort by DEFRA, this should be possible by the end of 2003." Royal Society

May 3 ~ It is clear that the insurance industry is not in a position to provide for the losses incurred through disease outbreaks"

May 2 ~ two letters from the "Ministry"

May 2 ~" it must be remembered that to label British food as British is a breach of the criminal law"

May 2 ~ Another fine costly mess ...

May 1 ~Ban on livestock burials on farms "As regulations go, this is one of the barmiest," said Anthony Gibson,

May 1 ~"I see striking similarities with the methods of "management" of news during the FMD epidemic, when the majority of the public was lulled into believing that the epidemic was virtually over in time for the Election."

May 1 ~ Bird flu and vaccination

May 1 ~ "the current scientific expertise allows us to believe that at present the virus strain of avian influenza in the Netherlands does not represent a risk to the general public"

May 1 ~ "Chaos erupts as burial of farm stock is banned"

May 1 ~ Disposal of Fallen Stock: the voluntary subscription scheme

May 1 ~ "Following the outbreak of SARS, one thing was certain: Professor Roy Anderson of Imperial College would soon be hitting the headlines"

April 30 ~ Relief at proposals by EU Agriculture Committee to force states to vaccinate rather than slaughter healthy livestock

April 29 ~ "Euro-MPs Demand Compulsory Foot and Mouth Vaccination" - European Commission's FMD proposal

April 28 ~"... Tony Blair is unhappy about the public perception that the Government does not care for the countryside.."

April 28 ~ "... the genetic heritage on which farming depends..."

April 27 ~ Defra strikes again - Booker's Notebook

April 26 ~"The Professor, considered one of the leading authorities on infectious diseases..."

April 26 ~ Comparisons of SARS and FMD are relevant

April 25/26 ~ we are not taking or sharing the lead in areas such as viral infections

April 25/26 ~ little or no ability to respond actively and rapidly to a new problem.......

April 25/26 ~ Increasingly, scientific research is paid for by private enterprise, which in practice means big business.

April 25 ~ SARS, viruses in poultry and pigs, and no lessons learned from Foot and Mouth

April 25 ~ What is genuinely alarming about SARS is that two years after foot and mouth, the UK is still unable to achieve rapid diagnosis and has ignored recommendations made by the Royal Society.

April 25 ~ "...fear, the disease that began to spread around the time of the end of the Cold War, was catalysed by the events of 11 September, and is currently focused on the SARS outbreak in Asia."

April 25 ~ One furious crofter's reaction to "New Rules on Disposal of Fallen Stock from 1 May 2003"

April 24 ~ "...the Government has spent millions unnecessarily in slaughtering cattle and banning certain categories of meat."

April 15 ~ Rapid diagnosis virus testing kits for SARS are being made available from today

April 15 ~ Comment from farm on NFU PR campaign:

April 14 ~"... the Food Standards Agency will be forced to introduce draconian health measures to protect consumers"

April 14 ~ "...better informed choices about food .... appreciate why our beautiful landscape looks the way it does." Mark Pendleton of the CLA

April 12/14 ~ Panic at Defra over waste disposal rules

April 12/14 ~Disappearance of the Sutmoller, Barteling, Olascoaga and Sumption paper from the internet

April 12/14 ~ Defra issues £1.4bn IT outsourcing tender - "the last desperate act of an IT-illiterate top management" says David Taylor, Labour MP

April 12/14 ~ " And there was me thinking his government had declared itself in favour of a thriving and profitable agricultural industry...."

April 12/14 ~ The Competition Commission said animal owners were paying over the odds for prescription-only medicines

April 10/11 ~ Control and eradication of FMD by Sutmoller, Barteling, Olascoaga and Sumption.

April 10 ~ Regionalisation: "an agreed principle in the International Animal Health Organisation (OIE) ..long been enshrined in EU legislation on animal health conditions for trade and imports."

April 10 ~ "SARS: No hurdles presented by validation....yet, for FMD, we are still waiting."

April 10 ~ "I can't be the only one that has noticed the "Stay where you are, don't move or you will catch it/spread it" parallels between SARS and the FMD epidemic

April 9 ~ "We hope that the RPA will at all times keep its customers - farmers -uppermost in its thoughts." EFRA Committee

April 8 ~ "Since I had failed to work out for myself why such a ubiquitous ban should be imposed by the authorities, I set about trying to ask the authorities why this was so..."

April 6/7 ~"Article 8 is not an authorisation for mass culling of healthy animals over vast swathes of countryside, such as happened in Cumbria and Dumfries and Galloway...."

April 6/7 ~ Emergency Vaccination section of the new EU Draft FMD Directive Proposals

April 6/7 ~ "Livermore assays are the underpinning of the Bush administration's new Bio-Watch system" Will the UK take heart from this?

April 4 ~"... the use of lay vaccinators (suitably trained and competent individuals acting under the direction of a veterinary surgeon)"

April 4 ~" I was confronted with the (anti-vaccination) views of a farmers' leader.... When I explained why his arguments were false, he got red in the face and discontinued the discussion. That is how people react when you attack "belief systems"..."

April 4 ~ "Where the outcome of these discussions may influence a future policy, I think the matter is too important to leave essential questions unanswered." Dr Barteling

April 4 ~ "What happened in the U.K. was understandable."

April 4 ~ Response by the Countryside Alliance to the consultation document on the preparation of an animal health and welfare strategy for Great Britain 2003

April 4 ~ Ah yes...."scientific advice"....

April 3 ~"...any move to go down the vaccination route must be preceded by changes to international trading rules," said union spokesman Alan Morris.."

April 3 ~ References in the Welsh Assembly FMD Contingency Plan to vaccination:

April 2 ~ The pros and cons - stamping-out or (circle) culling, or by (ring-) vaccination around the outbreak area

April 2 ~"...it seems that nothing was learnt. Maybe it is psychological. Some people long for catastrophes that make them feel important. Vaccination is too simple...."

April 2 ~ The apparent lack of official interest in how the FMD virus reached us is surely one of the strangest aspects of the crisis.

April 2 ~ Before World War II there were more than 800 livestock markets across Wales and England. By the time foot-and-mouth struck in February 2001 just 180 remained..there are 156 still operating but many are under threat.

March 29/April 1 ~ We are in danger of continuing to protect farm exports at all costs, instead of using every opportunity to make the case for good science and humane practice

March 29/April 1 ~ "The plan also leaves open the question of whether vaccination would be used to deal with any future outbreak."

March 29/April 1 ~ Horse Passports - an important note about an opt-out page

March 29/April 1 ~ "The decision whether to vaccinate is entirely a matter for the Government.."

March 29/April 1 ~ The fear that vaccinated products may not find a market is still apparently raised at stockholders' meetings and may well be a major part of the reason for the UK's continuing refusal seriously to consider vaccination.

March 29/April 1 ~ More chiefs than Indians

March 29 ~ Defra's Foot and Mouth Disease Contingency Plan (version 3) laid before Parliament.

March 29 ~ Horse Passports - all members of the equine family will have to have a passport from 31 December 2003 to safeguard the food chain

March 29 ~"... money intended to benefit farmers gets diluted before it ever reaches them."

March 28 ~ " My Lords, is the Minister really serious?

March 28 ~ Defra has definitely acted unlawfully by obtaining a writ to seize all my possessions to cover their so-called costs.

March 27 ~ registration schemes, for commercial and pet pigs, are to be tightened up

March 27 ~ "it is difficult to identify genuinely independent advice that is informed by sufficient expertise..."

March 26 ~ ".. A diktat from Brussels, which Defra never wanted, which is impossible to comply with except at ludicrous cost, yet which Defra's officials will now enforce with all the zeal for which they are legendary."

March 25 ~" The Commercial Farmers Group - a UK-wide organisation comprised mainly of larger operators - launches a discussion paper in the House of Lords today.

March 25 ~ The Office of Fair Trading has pulled out of a secret meeting today with small suppliers to discuss the failure of its Code of Practice to halt bully-boy tactics by Britain's supermarkets.

March 25 ~ The current EU Draft Directive gives no "automatic" justification for suppressive vaccination in the 3 km surveillance zone

March 25 ~ it was apparently claimed by Defra that all Infected and Contiguous Premises had been tested for FMD

March 24/25 ~ "It is so deceptive. They say they have no idea as to how the warrant was in fact issued."

March 24 ~ John Greenway's Equine Welfare Ragwort Control Private Members bill has successfully completed its second reading - Not so the Food Labelling Bill, unfortunately.

March 24 ~ "The piece by Alan Beat mentioning the report from Canada struck a loud chord with me"

March 24 ~ ".. ...vets were directly responsible for onward spread of Foot and Mouth."

March 24 ~ Relevant Expertise? "The composition of the (Science) Group evolved over time to ensure that relevant expertise was brought in, eg practising vets joined at a later stage to provide a more direct link with events on the ground. ..."

March 24 ~ Centralisation run riot during FMD - Parliamentary Question May 10 2001

March 24 ~ Sheep tagging: ". they are trying to turn us into a bloody factory," ...some industry leaders have warned they will simply refuse to comply with the regulation.

March 24 - There are already so many pressures on our smaller abattoirs that many, if they have not closed already, are facing closure

March 23 ~ 1. There are very real fears that Defra will implement killing on a major scale in the event of another outbreak of FMD, and will be able to do this in spite of the EU Draft Directive as it stands:

March 23 ~ "..normal on-farm burial does not involve "a substantial quantity of animal burial.."

March 23 ~ Scrapie bolus chokes hoggs

March 22 ~ "no comfort whatsoever"

March 22 ~ "Any failure to have the system fully in place as of 1st May rests very much with the farming organisations"

March 22 ~ farm has read the report carefully and stands by all the points raised in the original critique.

March 22 ~ "Monsanto & Cargill employees attempts to skew farm poll on GM"

March 21 ~ That such (rapid diagnostic) tests have yet to be fully validated by the OIE, several years after their initial development, is an international disgrace that demands immediate political action.

March 21 ~ "it can be abused to enforce massive pre-emptive slaughter without scientific or economic justification..."

March 21 ~ DEFRA has stated that from May 1st the on-farm burial of stock will be banned. What then?

March 21 ~ "...little to clarify long-term confusion..

March 21 ~ Removal of OTM 'makes you think'

March 20 ~ Silence Of The Lambs nominated for award

March 20 ~ GM crops: "Consents are granted by an EU-wide process, and the UK is bound by that decision"

March 20 ~ A £2 MILLION foot-and-mouth crisis centre is being built in Dumfries.

March 20 ~ The Water Framework Directive offers the potential of enormous environmental and social benefits,

March 19 ~ EU FMD Directive discussed yesterday by MEPs

March 19 ~ health and safety regulations costs close another abattoir....

March 19 ~ Seeds of doubt over GM - Letters in the Guardian from Gene Watch and Baroness Miller

March 18/19 ~ farm exposes fundamental inaccuracies among claims for GM crops

March 18/19 ~ Are consumers being misled by the little red tractor logo?

March 18 ~ "You need to get people working with the virus so they won't be frightened of the damn thing,"

March 17 ~ The only effective defence against such politicking is sound science, hard information, good communication and good emergency preparation where these issues have already been discussed with key stakeholders.

March 17 ~" to lay the blame for such bribery at the door of those farmers who were eventually forced into submission is a complete reversal of the truth"

March 17 ~ Not worthy of Geoffrey Lean?

March 17 ~ "If the Inquiry accepts the "farmer spread" argument, then surely that indicates they do not accept that airborne spread was responsible.."

March 17 ~ "Now, even DEFRA must realise that mass slaughter is no longer an option, though they are loathe to admit it."

March 16 ~ "That's bad for Democracy itself"

March 16 ~ ".. the minister who presented that shamefully-inadequate contingency plan for approval by the European Commission in 1992 was none other than John Selwyn Gummer, "Our Country Crusader"..."

March 14 ~ "The contiguous cull was controversial because it involved the slaughter of millions of apparently healthy animals."

March 14 ~ "Emergency vaccination was not used during the 2001 outbreak."

March 14 ~ "Seven mass burial pits were constructed at significant expense..."

March 14 ~ "Some of the disease's handling remain inexcusable, such as the absence of a vaccination policy..."

March 14 ~ David Lidington: "plans to use vaccination to help control a new outbreak are at best sketchy"

March 14 ~ Ash Moor Pit back in the news as DEFRA plans to sell the land on the open market

March 13 ~ FARM needs to fill two new posts:

March 13 ~ Anthony Gibson on bio-fuels

March 12 ~ DEFRA yesterday unveiled a comprehensive training package, aimed at all those engaged in the humane culling of animals, ranging from a notifiable disease outbreak to a roadside emergency.

March 12 ~ William Moyes says that Animal By-Products Regulation will create huge problems

March 12 ~" this work is underway."

March 12 ~ Continuing confusion about the new rules targeting red diesel fraud.

March 11 ~ "Perhaps Silence of a Dale shouldn't just be playing Skipton Auction Mart, but also the House of Commons."

March 11 ~ Snowie Ltd criticised

March 11 ~ Chesters Livestock Market to close

March 11 ~ Launch of CLA Rural Tourism policy Document

March 11 ~"It is always a bad sign when the man in charge starts talking about the need to draw lines in the sand..

March 10 ~ "...simply lending a tractor to a neighbour should not require a ridiculous paper chase" Marcus Themans, chairman of the National Farmers' Union technical committee

March 10 ~ "The FSA said at the time that there was no evidence of beef being used in this way in UK imports..."

March 10 ~ "The 1993 EU national contingency plans document is interesting.

March 10 ~ "It is heartening that there are farmers who care about the health and well-being of their animals, their land and their customers...."

March 10 ~ "we must persevere because there is this window of opportunity to make progress; we have achieved a lot...

March 10 ~"In response to challenges regarding the composition of the Stakeholder Group Consultees....

March 9 ~ The technology is becoming an essential component of modern disease surveillance systems

March 8 ~ DEFRA's Left and Right hand

March 7 ~ "their expertise to identify and deal with the consequences...."

March 7 ~ ".. double-tagging and no burying will be supported by countries like France and Ireland who would dearly love our sheep meat market."

March 7 ~ " The EU proposals for fighting FMD are reasonably fair, but the UK makes it clear they are willing to go beyond what is proportionate

March 7 ~ Another "consultation period"..this time on the OTMS rule

March 6/7 ~".. the sheer stupidity of it all makes me so mad"

March 5/6 ~ From the Animal Health Act 2002

March 5 ~"... with our deep cynicism of any so-called "consultation" process..."

March 4/5 ~ DEFRA to preempt GM trials

March 4/5 ~ Food Labelling Bill "The Government's approach to this Bill will be a test of the Government's sentiment towards British Farmers" David Lidington

March 4 ~"Vaccination policies and trade regulation must be based on risk assessments taking these factors into consideration."

March 4 ~ "Without Fred Brown none of the dissent about the lunatic modelling and mad slaughter might ever have been heard"

March 4 ~ "I should think there would be no other action that would do more to improve the viability of British Agriculture and the health and well-being of the people of this Nation than truthful and honest labelling."

March 4 ~ "Sir, Two years ago, a powerful national leader attacked a minority group within his own country.

March 3 ~ Comments on Defra's Foot and Mouth Disease Contingency Plan, Version 2.5

March 3 ~ "Absent from this document are the crucial topics on improving diagnosis and record/data acquisition and analysis."

March 3 ~ Diagnostics.... portable real-time RT-PCR tests.....The US Congress has just been told that these tests are ready for use in an emergency....

March 3 ~ GIS surveillance ... " it can eliminate the need for bulky double tags on sheep and goats and reduce the amount of paper work .."

March 3 ~ Real-time alert (table top) exercises

March 3 ~ "We need balanced, focused leadership which can.. rise above.... narrow vested interest groups, researchers seeking funds .... political pressures. "

March 3 ~"Please, can we fundamentally review the contingency plan and open it up to international consultation?"

March 3 ~ Will Defra have the courage to accept this new approach to animal disease control?

March 2/ 3 ~ Defra courts confusion

March 1-2 ~"It seems that Defra is still woefully ill prepared..."

Feb 28 ~ "It would be catastrophic if another outbreak occurred while leisurely preparations were being carried out...".

Feb 28 ~ " Localisation is not Utopia; it is the only viable future we have."

Feb 28 ~ A new scheme to pay farmers to become rural guardians....

Feb 28 ~ This item on Defra's computerised database system failures was on Thursday's Farming Today.

Feb 28 ~ "..they must have broken every animal health welfare and animal health rule in the book. "

Feb 28 ~ Re: Friends like these

Feb 28 ~Re: Whitehall farce

Feb 28 ~ Just how bad is the TB problem in UK Cattle?

See also

Feb 28 ~ It is difficult to justify DEFRA's claim that the ISG is in fact independent, when the appointments to the Group and payments to the members of the Group are controlled by DEFRA itself.

Feb 28 ~ The EFRA all-party committee will investigate boosting biofuel

Feb 27 ~ "We are tending to concentrate on wind rather than wave, water, energy crops and bio-gas. People don't want wind farms."

Feb 27 ~ Janet Hughes' worry goes on and on

Feb 27 ~ Demand Farmed Fuels

Feb 27 ~ Lunacy of banning on-farm burial of fallen livestock


Feb 27 ~ "growing crescendo of incredulity and protest against these nonsensical proposals."

Feb 26 ~ Re: Banning fuel crops is insane

Feb 26 ~ "The way in which the High Court has acted has made me very angry indeed."

Feb 25/26 ~ Krebs trials have cost almost £24 million - that's an average cost of around £5,400 per badger.

Feb 25/26 ~ WIND WARNING

Feb 25/26 ~ ".. the Government should be "pushing" less damaging alternatives like wave energy and energy crops" Western Morning News

Feb 25/26 ~ real fears were aired in the Westcountry last night that the move could "steam-roller" through windfarm applications despite local opposition.

Feb 25 ~ United Kingdom Livestock and Products Bovine Brucellosis Outbreak in Great Britain 2003

Feb 25 ~"What is the latest on The Honest Food Bill?

Feb 25 ~ The big mistake that nearly everyone made back in mid-March 2001..

Feb 25 ~ "Farmers are likely not to admit to depression because many don't know what it is. Also they don't want to let the family down...."

Feb 24/25 ~ 25% of our land could produce all the nation's transport fuels

Feb 24/25 ~ "...the reality is that the outcome was already established by people not apparent to the participants."

Feb 24 ~" I eventually realised there was going to be no justice, only the law"

Feb 24 ~ Gold-plated bureaucracy

Feb 24 ~" The technology is becoming an essential component of modern disease surveillance systems."

Feb 24 ~".. there is hope for the future.."

Feb 24 ~" I can show that they have certainly not acted in accordance with the law in this instance.."

Feb 24 ~farm shops work. It's up to us, the customers, to ask the questions..."

Feb 23 ~ Pet cow suspected of brucellosis ( test negative) is not slaughtered

Feb 22 ~ It seems that DEFRA are making good use of the AHB already with the slaughter of cattle with/without brucellosis.

Feb 22 ~ "On the subject of TB, what the **** was DEFRA allowing Cumbrian farmers to buy replacement dairy cows from Devon after FMD?

Feb 22 ~ Brucellosis - "Several hundred cattle are to be slaughtered ....

Feb 22 ~ Double tagging of sheep EU proposals "impractical and unbearable"

Feb 22 ~"I confirm that Defra will not take any further action against you at the present time."

Feb 22 ~".... lasting national shame.... all it has done to deal with the next outbreak is pass secondary legislation to give it powers to contiguously cull which it did not have during the 2001 epidemic "

Feb 21 ~ "..the bailiffs left no contact number, gave no ID nor notice of authority."

Feb 21 ~ Ministers are considering a clampdown on cattle movements in a bid to halt the spread of the disease.

Feb 21 ~ FMD policy carried out better in Scotland?

Feb 21 ~ "Thirty months is not a magic number." Sir John Krebs

Feb 21 ~ Defra Dilley-Dalleys over Janet Hughes.

Feb 21 ~ "the newsdesk has been holding onto his reports on the issue," says Janet Hughes

Feb 20 ~ "....... the remains of a sheep.

Feb 20 ~ Two years ago to the day...

Feb 20 ~ Differentiation of Infection from Vaccination in FMD

Feb 20 ~ "..... Foot and Mouth Disease the answer must surely be through the use of vaccination as a first line of defence -

Feb 20 ~little progress appears to have been made as the second anniversary of the start of the UK 2001 FMD epidemic approaches ...

Feb 20 ~ The film - In the Shadow of Foot and Mouth -

Feb 20 ~ FARMING TODAY THIS WEEK Saturday 15 February

Feb 19 ~ Sir John Krebs: "However, in the UK in particular, the control of both BSE and Foot and Mouth disease have probably done much to put consumers' minds at ease."

Feb 19 ~ "...almost universal criticism of the expanded culling powers and their conflict with the basic human rights of the farming community"

Feb 19 ~" The High Court has still not acknowledged my application, even though I have telephoned them and written to them twice"

Feb 19 ~ " I can announce that Defra, with the devolved administrations in Wales and Scotland, will this year be reviewing the TB strategy for Great Britain." Mrs Beckett

Feb 19 ~"the real problem is that a commercially viable vaccine might not be found... If one is found, the Government must insist that it is produced, or in some way make it economically viable to produce." Bill Wiggin MP

Feb 19 ~ The Office of Fair Trading is writing to suppliers' organisations and the supermarkets...

Feb 18 ~ Robin Feakins is given leave to appeal

Feb 18 ~ TB is now raging through our herd

Feb 18 ~ "The behaviour of DEFRA beggars belief. Christopher Booker's Notebook in the Telegraph of 3rd February 2003 reveals just how nasty they really are"

Feb 18 ~" A hypothetical epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), maliciously started

Feb 18 ~ the BBC Radio Interview of Nicola Morris on the subject of the contiguous cull :

Feb 17 ~ Tim Bennett says we need a fresh approach to bovine TB

Feb 17 ~ Michael Meacher to resign?

Feb 17 ~ the once mighty and now impotent NFU. Rigid in its refusal to allow any semblance of democracy

Feb 17 ~ " the helpless ignorance of children, even in Winchcombe, who have never seen a cow"

Feb 17 ~ Janet Hughes' property is still under threat from DEFRA

Feb 14 ~ emphasis on carriers and persistent infection

Feb 14 ~ the "first and only bit of common sense to come out of the EU"

Feb 14 ~ Janet Hughes' cheque already processed - but High Court denies receiving the application

Feb 14 ~ BSE and Infectivity

Feb 14 ~ The European MP who is writing a crucial report on the viability of new sheep identification proposals is Gordon Adam

Feb 14 ~ State Veterinary Journal, Volume 12, number 1, 2002

Feb 14 ~ "...if this was a success, one would not like to see a failure."

Feb 14 ~" I have written to the judge, Mr Justice Stanley Burnton, who made the order for costs against me on 11 October 2001..."

Feb 14 ~ "Most of the (RCVS) College's activities are carried out under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. The Act is out of date..."

Feb 14 ~ "The animal record and epidemiological information available to M.A.F.F. was so poor that the course of the epidemic or even the numbers of infected animals will never be known with reasonable accuracy.

Feb 14 ~ " The executive clearly sees the general slaughter power it now enjoys as an important part of these (contingency) plans."

Feb 13 ~ The Power to Panic: The Animal Health Act 2002 -

Feb 13 ~ "This will also enable us to maintain immunity for cattle in areas exposed to infection."

Feb 12/13 ~ Apologies for publishing without comment an article implying that BSE is "infectious"

Feb 12/ 13 ~ GM compensation for all farmers?

Feb 12/13 ~ "the deeper TB embeds itself among cattle and badgers the more expensive it will be to root out."

Feb 12 ~"...frankly I would rather think for myself than have a civil servant cock it up for me. If my product is only worth half, find a better way to raise its value or my income than this insane and wicked bloodletting they will perpetrate again in the name of 'animal health'.."

Feb 12 ~ " I want Ministers to get out of bed every day and ask, "How can I make life easier? What rule can I scrap today?" Mr. David Cameron MP (Witney)

Feb 12 ~ There's nothing wrong with technology in itself. It is the way we use it to extract the maximum profit from the land and put the minimum back that is destructive.

Feb 12 ~ Homeopathy at Wellie Level

Feb 12 ~ "I don't have time to be a nursemaid to individuals that don't fit the system" was a common view years ago as pig producers learned to survive competitive pressures by becoming larger...

Feb 12 ~ "...you can limit the spread of associated diseases and start to look for a cure"

Feb 12 ~".. local reporters have been finding out as much as they can for me from DEFRA , and otherwise I would have been kept quite in the dark."

Feb 10 ~ Under the yolk

Feb 10 ~ "more than eight out of 10 farmers are connected to the internet"

Feb 9 ~ Standstill and Tagging Rules. The Voice of Independence -

Feb 8 ~" I have asked the agriculture minister to explain how new regulations can possibly work when it means massive amounts of extra paperwork."

Feb 8 ~ Western Mail: "..the Lib/ Lab coalition has filched almost £9m from farmers' incomes through modulation and has not returned a single penny back to the industry.

Feb 8 ~ "The European Commission has certainly "gone to work on an egg"...."

Feb 8 ~ " This wonderful piece of beef ....represents an entire culture, the culture of the family farm."

Feb 8 ~ Animal Movements in England and Wales - Spring Regime 2003

Feb 8 ~ DEFRA seeks views on the EU Proposal

Feb 8 ~ The "problem" of the meat seems to lie at the heart of the UK reluctance to take vaccination seriously.

Jan 8 ~ DEFRA seeks views on "required treatments" of vaccinated meat

See full consultation letter

Jan 8 ~"..The veterinary art that asks for the herd to be depopulated to control disease epizootics has graduated into politics, which now attempts to sell the idea of preemptive strikes against political infection."

Jan 8 ~The European Commission has ordained that, from next year, every egg must be stamped with its home address.

Feb 7 ~ Janet Hughes, still waiting to hear for herself that she has won a last-minute reprieve.

Feb 7 ~ Now the word is that one of the sniffer dogs at Heathrow has developed an aversion to conveyor belts and has been allowed to stay in its kennel with a sick note.

Feb 7 ~ DEFRA insisted on being the main defendant.

Feb 7 ~ Nicola Morris will take part in next week's Taking a Stand

Feb 7 ~ successive governments made OP dips compulsory until 1992.

Feb 7 ~ A reprieve for small abattoirs?

Feb 7 ~ Small Abattoirs: EU allows Member States to decide how the costs of official controls will be met

Feb 7 ~ A new discussion forum on Preparing an Animal Health and Welfare Strategy for Great Britain is now running.

Feb 5 ~ The tools of modern medicine are there to be used to combat the spread of Mycobacterium bovis and ultimately to eliminate the infection.

Feb 5 ~ Misunderstanding continues about the scale of the FMD epidemic

Feb 5 ~ We would welcome any reports, brief or long, about the Foot and Mouth programme tonight

Feb 4 ~ OPEN MEETING - Is BSE Caused by Organophosphate Poisoning?

Feb 4 ~ "The Government is completely satisfied that meat and meat products from vaccinated animals can enter the food chain.

Feb 4 ~"Commissioner Byrne shows a lack of under-standing of how the sheep industry operates ..."

Feb 4 ~ Six-day standstill could severely hamper the viability of markets.

Feb 3/4 ~ Lord Carter was given the Channel 4 'Peer of the Year' award on Saturday

Feb 3 ~ Theodore Dalrymple's words yesterday could equally apply to FMD "experts"

Feb 3 ~ The origins of foot and mouth - Bob Parry

Feb 3 ~" the public has empathy for farmers' troubles.. little understanding of the issues they face"

Feb 3 ~ Concern for Janet Hughes continues

Feb 3 ~ "those honest, brave, resilient, broken people.."

Feb 3 ~ "what is all this market-led claptrap when you get down to it?"

Feb 2 ~ "Defra fights dirty with anti-cull campaigner"

Feb 2 ~ the arguments used to persuade the farmers to part with their flocks in the Brecon Beacons were based on the assertion that these flocks must have been heavily infected. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Feb 2 ~ "Any Contingency Plan should be presented as simply as possible..."

Feb 1 ~ Janet Hughes and the demand from DEFRA for £17,000 in costs

Feb 1 ~ More on the parallels between government responses to FMD and Exotic Newcastle Disease

Feb 1 ~ the future for family farms, with an opportunity to question experts

Feb 1 ~ trying to access Government-administered help and funding "complex, baffling and bureaucratic"

Jan 31 ~ "Defra claim they have no option but to take Miss Hughes' possessions to recover taxpayers money,

Jan 31 ~ Livestock hand-reared on farms can now no longer be killed humanely on site.

Jan 31 ~ (the real problem).. . the illegal slaughterhouses, the corruption within the Meat Hygiene Service and the lack of accountability with the FSA.

Jan 31 ~ "the deficiencies of a draconian program of detection and eradication"

Jan 30 ~ Plan to elect future NFU presidents by a one member, one vote ballot thrown out last week by the union's ruling council.

Jan 30 ~ DEFRA "stakeholders" meeting today will consider FMD control strategies.....

Jan 30 ~ DEFRA is accused of "mindless incompetence"

Jan 30 ~ Breaches of animal welfare regulations not considered important by the BBC either?

Jan 30 ~ Mark Purdey will be addressing a meeting on the borders near Hereford for OPUS on February 12th.

Jan 30 ~ Janet Hughes

Jan 29 ~ "We know what a landscape stripped of livestock looks like, because we saw it in North Devon in the wake of foot and mouth disease

Jan 29 ~ "Sheep movements must be reduced and minimised, perhaps by locating abattoirs and auctions closer to each other and the source of production...."

Jan 29 ~ Janet Hughes is charged £17,000 for daring to question the postcode killing of the FMD policy and the new draconian provisions of the Animal Health Bill

Jan 28 ~ "Crooked Britain: Unfit meat"... will be broadcast on BBC Two

Jan 28 ~ .. symptoms of the insecurity, ignorance and neurosis which ... dominate the activities of DEFRA

Jan 28 ~ More incredulity over the nonsense of sheep tagging

Jan 28 ~ Where would farmers store dead lambs in a busy lambing season?

Jan 27/28 ~ An overview of chronic organophosphate poisoning

Jan 27 ~ Michael Meacher has asked to meet Mark Purdey

Jan 27 ~ The Inland Revenue is to levy a 40 per cent inheritance tax on farmhouses, farming land and other farm buildings.

Jan 27 ~ Mr Morley says: "the Department is fully informed on the science of TSEs and the prion protein."

Jan 27 ~ "TSE's may be an environmental/industrial disease

Jan 27 ~ 40,000 BSE cases born after the 1988 feed ban ...the experts have been forced to come up with an ever increasing array of implausible reasons

Jan 27 ~ Of course we acknowledge the need for various other means of disposal, but we reserve our right to continue burying those animals that are special to us."

Jan 26 ~ The F word

Jan 25 ~ Robert Uhlig meets Lord Haskins

Jan 25 ~ Livestock burial plan criticised

Jan 25 ~ "We will not hesitate to move back to a 20-day stand-still system if ....if farmers are found to be flouting the six-day movement system."

Jan 25 ~ "British agriculture has consistently been the most efficient in the EU"

Jan 25 ~ "practically all the medium sized abattoirs have gone .... those that are still struggling on will welcome the extra business. ."

Jan 25 ~ The body heroically termed the Waste Food Task Force, established by the Food Standards Agency has produced a timely report.

Jan 25 ~ .... "dangerous contacts" from Welshpool Market, where 40 local farmers refused to let their animals be killed because they did not believe them to have been exposed to the disease, not one later proved positive.

Jan 25 ~ The Great Food Swap - a report by Dr Caroline Lucas MEP.

Jan 24/25 ~ Is a mass cull of UK sheep on the way after all?

Jan 24 ~ Unfit meat scam - are we being deceived and defrauded by the very people employed at great cost to protect us?

Jan 24 ~The successful control and eradication of Foot and Mouth Disease epidemics in South America in 2001.

Jan 24 ~ EU Commission lacks courage to reform CAP says FOE

Jan 24 ~ Another foot and mouth "Nature Reserve"

Jan 23 ~ 20 day Rule

Jan 23 ~"Injecting human brain material into animals is considered "unethical"....

Jan 23 ~ DEFRA seem to be a little confused as to whether environmental factors might be responsible for Scrapie.

Jan 23 ~" even if manganese is just a risk factor, it is important that this factor be kept in the equation, because it might just be the key that unlocks the truth about these diseases. "