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 CHAPTER 2.3.1.



Standards for diagnostic tests and vaccines are described in the Terrestrial Manual.



Country or zone free from bovine brucellosis
To qualify as free from bovine brucellosis, a country or zone shall satisfy the following requirements:
1)    bovine brucellosis or any suspicion thereof is notifiable in the country;
2)    the entire cattle population of a country or zone is under official veterinary control and it has been ascertained that the rate of brucellosis infection does not exceed 0.2% of the cattle herds in the country or zone under consideration;
3)    the serological tests for bovine brucellosis are periodically conducted in each herd, with or without the ring test;
4)    no animal has been vaccinated against bovine brucellosis for at least the past 3 years;
5)    all reactors are slaughtered;
6)    animals introduced into a free country or zone shall only come from herds officially free from bovine brucellosis or from herds free from bovine brucellosis. This condition may be waived for animals which have not been vaccinated and which, prior to entry into the herd, were isolated and were subjected to the serological tests for bovine brucellosis with negative results on two occasions, with an interval of 30 days between each test. These tests are not considered valid in female animals which have calved during the past 14 days.
      In a country where all herds of cattle have qualified as officially free from bovine brucellosis and where no reactor has been found for the past 5 years, the system for further control may be decided by the country concerned.