warmwell left frame The Effect of Government Policies on the Communities and Economy of Rural Britain.

Benefit-cost analysis of vaccination and preemptive slaughter (American Journal)

'coherent and transparent plan still awaited' letter to Vet Record.

CVO's dubious overview of FMD 2001

link to EFRA report on TB

archive of comments during the horrors of 2001

Newspaper Archive of Foot and Mouth

Fields of Fire - Quita Allender

FMD Vaccine: a tool of FIRST resort

Animal Health Act 2002 - full text

NFMG response to DEFRA Contingency Plan

(newest files first) .To PRINT, open in new window first with right mouse button

The Lords debate Horse Passports

Impact assessment on EU's proposed changes to Sheep and Goat Identification (new window)

FMD: facing the new dilemmas - G.R. Thomson (ed.) OIE publication (new window)

Control and eradication of FMD by Sutmoller, Barteling, Olascoaga and Sumption. (pdf. new window)

Horse passports in England- Defra website

Latest draft proposals EU FMD Directive

DEFRA "Risk Assessment" webpage

Open letters between Dr Barteling and Dr Donaldson

Culling versus vaccination: challenging a dogma in veterinary (FMD) science

CA response to animal health and welfare strategy

Alan Beat's comments on the EU Draft Directive

Public Accounts Report into FMD

Defra's Memorandum Appendix 1 to above

1993 EU suggestion/ 2003 DEFRA FMD contingency plan

Concern about Wind Turbines

OIE website - an important new scientific review of FMD

Responses to DEFRA's Contingency Plan

FSA Public meeting on the review of the OTMS for cattle 7March

The International Human & Animal Viral Vaccination Conference - Edinburgh - 14-16 July 2003

Fair Wealth: conference April 7 - 13, 2003

Food Labelling Bill

DEFRA TB control discussion paper

The Power to Panic(pdf) - Professors Lee and Campbell

Mid-Term Review CAP - Commons Debate Feb 12

Supermarkets Code of Practice

Barrister Stephen Tromans on the AHB

DEFRA consultation on proposed EU Directive

Section 8 Vaccination - EU proposal

Annex X - criteria for vaccination

EU proposal FMD pdf

smaller abattoirs and inspection costs

OPUS meeting Feb 12 with Mark Purdey

Janet Hughes

The Shadow of Foot and Mouth exhibition

New FMD contingency plan - responses by Feb 28

The successful control and eradication of FMD in South America in 2001 (pdf)

TSE's - by Dr S Haywood and Dr D Brown (Vet Times)

Inbox emails

Badgers and Bovine TB - Dr Ruth Watkins

"Compassion for the health of farm animals in 2003" Dr Ruth Watkins

Newspaper Archive

Best Press articles -


E-diary (English farm food)

Tributes to Dot Boag

Stopping the Great Food Swap: Relocalising Europe's Food Supply.

letter to Mrs Beckett about EU Regulation and the Survival of the UK Meat Industry

"By the Horns" - a new discussion forum for farmers by farmers

Self Help for Alpaca owners

Sheep and Goat tagging Proposal and DEFRA consultation

Animal Health and Welfare Strategy

Prof King and the Real Time PCR

FARM's critique of Strategy for Sustainable Farming and Food

Western Morning News on GM

The Great Deception Dr North on the secret history of the EU

Dr Ruth Watkins: "Compassion for the health of farm animals in 2003"

Prince Charles' tribute to farmers (FWi)

Geoffrey Lean: "GM crops are breeding with plants in the wild"


Final EU report full version

Magnus Linklater "A bovine attempt to vaccinate us against the truth"

Hansard Dec 12 full debate

Professor Bob Lee and Professor David Campbell Lessons Not Learned

EU to destroy scrapie stock.

DEFRA on fallen stock

Animal By-Products Consultation letter and "objectives"

DEFRA Animal By-Products (Amendment) (England) Order

Composting Association response to above

Alan Michael's Statement on Hunting Dec 3

Muckspreader (on Robin Page)

Alan Beat scrutinises the FMD Reports

EU draft / Final report

EU pdf. Geographical BSE risk for sheep and goats SSC

Efra's Role of Defra report pdf

Link to Phillips report

Alan Beat's analysis of Govt response to Inquiries

DEFRA owes millions

Threat to EU FMD report

Arms for Agriculture scandal

AHB back in Commons Nov 7

AHB back in Lords Nov 7

Defra's consultation paper with Decision Tree

Animal Health Bill -Commons Nov 6 in full

Third Reading AHB Lords

What is West Nile Virus?

The Cumbria Inquiry - two letters

big quangos and top brass

News from Brussels Oct 23

AHB Lords Oct 22 Hansard

Efra July 23 2002

In the Shadow exhibition

Lord May on AHB

Dr James Irvine on FMD vaccination Uruguay

Dr James Irvine - response to EU Draft

Lords Hansard AHB Oct 2002

US 'dumping unsold GM food on Africa'

Dr Ruth Watkins: recommendation to EU -summary

Additional material from Dr Watkins

Animal Health Bill by Dr Szamuely

Beef Assurance Scheme - a sham

Not to mention...British Cattle Movement Service [BCMS] and the Rural Payments Agency

The Animal Health Bill - RBST Response

Details of EU Cttee draft report on FMD

Scotland's FMD policy better? Lockerbie LL transcript

The Drummond Report

Farmers World Network

Work programme: EU Temp Cttee on FMD

Draft Programme for the Containment Control and Eradication of FMD

NSP "modification": Rare Breeds International response

an open letter re Cumbria Report

Why Argentina cannot feed itself

Margaret Beckett's speech on sept 12

David Byrne's speech to EU Cttee

Information about Liberty&Livelihood (external link)

Family Farmers - "A Better CAP" (v.readable)

Cumbria Inquiry report

America's 'GM or Death' ultimatum

Results of Earth Summit (Independent)

Mark Purdey's page

Dr Ruth Watkins at EU Inquiry

Gareth Davies on Farming Today

Labour Party Rural Conference 2002

Getting rid of the killer ragwort

Muckspreader on "Milk Wars"

Jim Webster "we cannot go on like this"

Emma Tennant on the Anderson Report

International scrapie expert Dr Alan Dickinson

Muckspreader Aug 15

Marshall Plan for Stakeholders Meetings etc.

From David Handley at Farmers for Action

Farmers for Action website

78% of clinically confirmed cases were not positive

NFMG appeals to David Lidington

Muckspreader Aug 2

Dairy Industry Newsletter

Meeting Notes of those invited to Anderson Inquiry

Our best journalists on Anderson Report etc

Lord Greaves on civil liberties in the country

Animal Health Bill in the Lords 25 July

Second part of AHB debate

warmwell at Lessons Learned (from report CD)

Lord Whitty's "5 replies" examined

Recent pages on Animal Health Bill and SI843

Name and Shame

Western Morning News mourns democracy

Lessons Learned Report .pdf

RS Inquiry - sub text?

Warmwell webpage of full Royal Society summary

Dr Kitching's evidence to the EU

Accuracy of the Pirbright tests

Myth and Reality - Nicola Morris

USDA's Dr Roger Breeze on the Rapid Diagnosis machine - offered to and rejected by the UK (Royal Society report small print)

"Government's folly and inhumanity" - Linklater

Animal Health Bill returns - Lord Moran speaks out

Royal Society Report

New evaluation of the modelling (Haywood)

BBC File on Four - the transcript

Royal Society Edinburgh Report

"I accuse the Ministry of negligence"

summary - what went wrong

Understanding the 2001 UK foot and mouth epidemic - Nicola Morris

Alan Beat on DEFRA's "Origin of the UK FMD Epidemic 2001"


An odd reply about SI843

Intervet Technical Paper

NFMG vaccination paper to RS

A malicious campaign of misinformation?

Defra's suspect FMD report to the OIE

TVI whistleblower, Helen O'Hare's submission to the Inquiries

National FM Group at Lessons Learned

The real financial costs of FMD

Anne Lambourn's paper July 4

A few questions for DEFRA

Dr Tiplady (Cumbria) speaks out on health

Questions from Nick Green

ID card requirements in Europe

More on legality

The reality of the pre-emptive cull

Defra's FMD contingency Plan (pdf)

Aujeszkys disease in pigs

European Livestock Alliance

Bioterrorism and the UK foot and mouth outbreak

Mark Purdey on slaughtering scrapie sheep

Hansard June 25

Cumbria slaughter figures - correspondence

NFMG presentation to EU Cttee at Forest of Dean

Transcripts of speeches at Forest of Dean

National Audit Office report (.pdf)

John Crowther on a re interpretation of acceptable risks

Brief report of Lyons conference

The Death of British Fisheries

GM evaluation and research UK sites( PQ)

RSPCA submission to Lessons Learned

EU FMD Temp Cttee webpage

Scottish FMD Contingency Plan


New Test from Joint FAO/IAEA

EU Temporary Cttee Draft Programme: June

In the Shadow video

Dr North's Prologue to the FMD crisis

2001 delays in slaughter times (PQ5479)

Freedom of Information Act 2000

EFRA Committee FMD Report

Prof King's answers to Temporary Cttee

Professor King's "role of contiguous cull"

Stephen Smith QC on legality of Contiguous Cull

NFMG meeting with Lessons Learned

First Voice on HACCP

Warmwell at Lessons Learned

Greater powers for officials

Order Fields of Fire

Prof King's Science Group

Vaccination in Uruguay facts

The 1968 Northumberland Report

Cumbria: Appleby Open Meeting

Letter and questions from Cumbria CC

Comment on SI843 Crispin and Bradshaw

3 articles with evidence by Nick Green

Legality of Cull -Lords Hansard

Epp-ed European Committee site

BSE/TSE/scrapie research scandal

Tom Griffith-Jones' submission Cumbria

Suzanne Greenhill's evidence to Cumbria

Nick Green's evidence on 3km cull

Nick Green's verbal evidence

Vaccination in Uruguay (from embassy)

Cumbria inquiry Live (from Tuesday 7th)

Memorandum: What went wrong 2

Cumbria Inquiry Schedule

Pirbright RS Submission

Lord Moran's article

New OIE proposal on vaccination

Muckspreader April 30

Cumbria CC FMD Inquiry

"Points to consider in the prevention, control and eradication of FMD"(Brussels Conference)

FMD What went wrong (Dr North)

HSA submission to LL


DELPHI manipulative Technique to build consensus - be aware

Class Law Action

Contiguous cull was not legal

EU fmd at Great Orton

Bovine TB IAH

Bovine TB -farmer's view

CLA reacts to Budget

Dr Lucas press release "horror and dismay"

Express article on Class Law action

International Symposium. Lyons. DETAILS

Thomas-Everard EU Briefing Note

UBI's summary of FMD tests

EU Directive 85/511/EEC (FMD) new window

Inquiries into FMD

Submission to Lessons Learned re biosecurity in Settle

Bio-security lapses in Cumbria

Helen O'Hare's notes on Brussels

HANSARD - The AHB debate 26 March

Foot and Mouth Inquiries - terms of reference

Right to Roam

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000

90/424/EEC: Council Decision -compensation for vaccinated animals

CJD/BSE/Scrapie..the truth?

High Court judgement in full

Anger in Cumbria -transcript of Lessons Learned

Transcripts (pdf) of Lessons Learned Public Meetings - now including Carlisle and Harrogate

The need for a BRITISH Agricultural Policy

Slaughter and Test figures requested - by County

Inquiry submissions so far

NFMG submission to Lessons Learned

witness account of RSE Dumfries

forward "LL"submissions to RSE

"BLAA" submission to Lessons Learned

Honest Food's LL submission

Submission re modelling to Lessons Learned

Police Report FMD

RCVS letter: Form A ( May 2001)

Lessons Learned Carlisle - full account

Robert Persey's evidence

Submission to "Lessons Learned" - Dr Crispin and Dr Binns

Submission to RSE - on mathematical modelling

Countryfile on Vaccination - updated march 12

Vaccination and Transmission (notes)

Alan Richardson Veterinary Times article

Important re scrapie: Northern Short-tailed Sheep Group/ RBI report

Northumberland Report (pdf or Word)

Lessons Learned Carlisle March 12

Real Time PCR explained

Judicial Review for Public Inquiry - LEGAL PERSPECTIVE

645 more farms since Sept 30

Transcript: LLI Builth Wells

CLA submission to Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned visit to North East March 4-6

Dr David Shannon speaks out

National FMGroup press release Feb 18

New graziers association

Dr Haywood answers Roy Anderson

EU fmd contingency plan 1993

1999 EU emergency vaccination strategy (pdf)

Royal Soc Ed visits Borders Feb 26

Roger Windsor MBE. Submission to RSE

"Lessons Learned" to Scotland

Ruth Watkins Submission to RSE

Interim Royal Soc report

SDC analysis of Curry Report

Farming and Food (Curry Report)


NORTHUMBERLAND Inquiry - articles


Lessons Learned
in Wales
Feb 6

Dutch Misunderstanding

Reading Resource

Individual Lords said...

Winnie's T-Shirt

Link to Beats' Newsletters

PARLIAMENT - debates and extracts

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