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Still no official recognition of the chronic central and autonomic nervous system effects of organophosphates - which, until 1992, farmers were obliged by law to use twice a year for sheep dipping

Although the 1951 Zuckerman report recommended that "the labels of containers should be required to show the words " Deadly Poison " in large, clear type, a concise statement of the dangers and precautions to be taken antidotes where known and a minimum indication of the purposes for which the product is to be used. The labels should be of a permanent kind..." it was not until 1976 that containers were required to be labelled as potentially hazardous - but there were no recommendations about protective clothing or other precautions. An HSE guidance sheet, known as MS17, was produced in the early 1980s, but was never circulated to doctors, farmers or vets, nor even the Ministry of Defence.

June 2nd 2016 ~ Organophosphate poisoning - an answer from George Eustice

June 3rd 2015 ~ OP/sheep dip health problems. Westminster Hall Adjournment debate

April 27th 2015 ~ "The fact that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) was aware as far back as 1991 of the health risks associated with organophosphate use is shocking..."

April 27th 2015 ~ Sheep-Dip scandal is very much back in the news: Cross-party support for a proper inquiry and a parliamentary debate

February 28th 2015 ~ John Humphrys mentioned sheep dip poisoning at the NFU conference: "I know people that have been affected".

February 28th 2015 ~ Publication of the HSE report means toxic effects were recognised in 1990 even though ignored since.

February 17th 2015 ~ Organophosphates (OPs) A new "Sheep Dip Sufferers Support Group" has been brought to the attention of MPs

February 26th 2011 ~ MBM, organophosphates, BSE, and broken lives

February 18th 2011 ~ "The way to ensuring public confidence in food and farming is by making sure the authorities are open to public scrutiny at every opportunity."

20 - 23 November 2009 ~ "The priority is to recognise the illness and stop further exposure to OPs and other toxic chemicals.."

20 - 23 November 2009 ~ "we were led to believe that OPs were safe if used as instructed.." Countess of Mar.

16 October 2009 ~ One last push on OP issue by NFU director general

August 16, 2008 ~ Campaigner vindicated by 50-year-old report