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No explanation for the origin of the 2001 FMD outbreak by January 2004.

Even the conviction of Mr Bobby Waugh did not include blame for spreading the disease - although that was implied and assumed by some journalists. Paddy Cosgrove QC, prosecuting on behalf of Northumberland county council, said that no charges of causing the outbreak had been laid against Waugh
In its statement after Mr Waugh's conviction, DEFRA said, "The charges faced by Mr Waugh included failure to notify the disease; animal welfare offences relating to failure to have the disease treated; and feeding unprocessed swill feed."

Some observations and links - no conclusions drawn or implied

From - a very impressive site on animal disease run by Mike Meredith, a qualified vet Notice how even this excellent site makes the assumption that the virus was able to travel "on the wind" for 7 km - a theory refuted by Alex Donaldson in the Vet Record for May 12th

The origin of this terrible epidemic

"The UK State Veterinary Service (SVS) believe that the epidemic originated on a swill (garbage) feeding farm at Heddon-on-the-Wall in the county of Tyne and Wear. From here the virus spread, probably by wind, to a sheep farm 7 km away, and from there was spread via sheep markets to 96 locations in different parts of the country. The epidemic was only discovered when cull sows from the pig farm went to an abattoir in Essex, where the virus spread by cross-infection of pens to a group of finishing pigs which were held in pens over the weekend - sufficient time to allow clinical signs to appear. This Type O Pan-Asia strain of FMD virus has a very short incubation period (can be less than 48 hours) in swine......." more

From The Newcastle Evening Chronicle 6 June

"Long standing foot and mouth lesions (sores) are being found in sheep nationally, indicating that the disease was probably present before the initial outbreak in Heddon."...
"Along with a number of the veterinary surgeons involved, I have serious doubts over the culling policies being adopted by Government, which makes our work in this outbreak extremely harrowing," he said.

...Dr Stuart Renton, who has practised as a vet in Berwickshire for almost 30 years before being seconded to the MAFF team at Newcastle, said: "Long standing foot and mouth lesions (sores) are being found in sheep nationally, indicating that the disease was probably present before the initial outbreak in Heddon." Foot and mouth disease has an incubation period of between two to three weeks after an animal is infected, but in sheep it can remain undetected for much longer.

Dr Renton has been part of the MAFF team diagnosing and overseeing the destruction of animals since taking on a case at Black Callerton, Westerhope on February 26th.

Speaking from the foot and mouth Disease Control Centre at Kenton Bar, Newcastle, he said: "A number of us feel foot and mouth disease was there long before Heddon - it therefore makes it difficult to continue to blame the pig farmer for it.

"We are still getting pockets of infection in sheep which we cannot trace back to Heddon.

"Foot and mouth can lie in sheep undetected for months until they get stressed - like now at lambing time.

"One thing that contradicts everything the Government has said about Heddon is that they denied the Chinese food connection. "Therefore how are they now suggesting it got to the pig farm?

"We must ensure that plenty of attention is drawn to the fact that the infection was in sheep long before it surfaced at Heddon-on-the-Wall. "And I hope you guys in the press get to the bottom of this, because there seems very little movement by the Government to source this disease."

Dr Renton also blasted the Government for its day to day handling of the crisis.
"Along with a number of the veterinary surgeons involved, I have serious doubts over the culling policies being adopted by Government, which makes our work in this outbreak extremely harrowing," he said. "And from day one MAFF has been terribly underesourced to cope.
"I knew when I took on Case number 10 on February 26th that we were on the edge of a disaster and it's being playing catch-up ever since."

MAFF said it was "unfortunate" that one of its vets should choose to speak to the press.

"We will investigate this immediately," said a spokeswoman

June 7th An astonishing email from Dr Pat Doyle in the USA

Anyone for Conspiracy Theory? "Current Concerns" journal

"The attempt to put the blame on the farmers and to make pathological cases out of them is as unbearable as the culling. ....the right to decide on agricultural matters.....returned to the individual countries, and this should be done swiftly before farming has been taken over by global agribusiness...."
35 pages of FMD information and opinion - including an article by Jonathan Dimbleby entitled Vaccination Works! Lies that are spreading the Plague from the Daily Mail on April 6th.

An article about the new vaccine developed by United Biomedical Inc. and the research,

using live vaccine, that was, at the end of last year (2000) "being tested in Britain by a pharmaceutical partner", not identified, can be read here

Public Health Authority Urges Inquiry in Foot-and-Mouth Slaughter: Raises Spectre on Industrial Espionage
Date Mailed: March 20, 2001

Could the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease affecting global beef markets be an act of industrial espionage rather than nature? Could Tyson Foods Corporation, the world's leading meat supplier be behind the deadly slaughter? These are serious questions being raised by a leading American public health authority, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard graduate and the author of several books on infectious diseases.

From Newcastle Evening Chronicle May 5th 2001

.......the Chronicle has discovered the IAH had been overseeing foot and mouth vaccine and virus experiments for years prior to the outbreak of the disease.

According to IAH documents these experiments were carried out at its HQ in Pirbright, Surrey and other experimental sites in the UK.

Two are identified at Norwich and Cambridge but other sites are known to exist in the North East.

Among 20 current foot and mouth disease experiments by the IAH are: * "Immune responses induced by foot and mouth disease vaccine." * "Matching properties of foot and mouth disease virus strains with those in field strains." * "Transmission of foot and mouth disease in sheep."

The International Vaccine Bank for Foot and Mouth Disease at Pirbright, Surr ey stores "500,000 doses of high potency" vaccines for each of seven different varieties of the disease.

According to IAH documents the vaccines are "tested annually for stability and efficacy" in tissue cultures and in live animals.

....... MAFF last night (May 4th) admitted it had been carrying out experiments on the foot and mouth virus before the outbreak, but a spokesman claimed the suggestion the virus had escaped from a laboratory or experimental site was "highly unlikely".
"We haven't yet traced the definite source of the disease, but the oldest case we have found is still at the Heddon-on-the-Wall pig farm."

Last night Bobby Waugh said: "I know my farm was not to blame, I am waiting for MAFF to acknowledge that they got it wrong and clear my name."

The comment from the Maff spokesman that the possibility of the virus having escaped from a laboratory or experimental site was "highly unlikely" seems a little strong. There was just such an accident at Plum Island in 1978. "There is not a significant chance this theory is plausible, none of the lab has reported any escapes," is also interesting in that it is similar to the same sort of statement made about the 1980 outbreak on The Isle of Wight.

Eventually - to explain that outbreak - they claimed that the F&M Virus had drifted in, airborne, from France. That IS "highly unlikely" if one reads the articles of Dr Donaldson on the experiments to determine how far the different species are susceptible to airborne virus. He concludes that even if there were to be 1000 infected pigs (the species that excretes the ost virus) all in the early stages of the disease, cattle (the most susceptible species) would NOT be at risk if they were 6 kilometres away.


Relative risks of the uncontrollable (airborne)spread of FMD by different species A.I.DONALDSON,S.ALEXANDERSEN, J.H.S0RENSEN,T.MIKKELSEN

Dr Harash Narang, who has received no satisfactory answer to his questions about the research using live virus, is to stand against Nick Brown in the Election. See his open letter to Mr Blair here.

American articles describing the rationale of using FMD as biological warfare weapon or a inter company warfare method (describing how the chicken flu outbreak can be linked to the aggrandisement of Tyson an American food company) can be viewed ...HERE

the article explains the Tyson Foods Corporation track record in two similar cases; its links to the US President and hence CIA - and finishes by stating: "On March 15, 2001, USA Today reported that Tyson Foods stands to gain most from the current foot-and-mouth disease problem. They had four times tried to purchase America9s leading beef supplier IBP Corporation, most recently for $3.2 billion, or $30 per share of stock valued at only $24.11. The international slaughter of cattle, the article aid, was sure to reduce IBP profits making Tyson9s offer even more appealing.

"Dr. Horowitz, in support of the British Farmers for Action, is calling for an immediate halt to the slaughter of uninfected herds, and an investigation by the British government officials into the possibility that the entire foot-and-mouth disease outbreak was premeditated."