Extract: I just despair, as I am sure you all do, at the continuing reports of cruelty and the population at large being appalled but feeling unable to do anything or say anything about it. I am in danger of becoming a bore at work as others don't wish to know about what is happening on our farms.

Can someone tell me please. Is it legal to chase animals round a field on quad bikes and shoot them with rifles?

Is it legal to kill lambs by crushing their heads or by drowning them?

I suspect that neither of these activities is legal and that some slaughter teams have turned the killing into a bloodsport. Can someone also please tell me (because DEFRA never answers me) why killers are allowed to get away with this cruelty?

I heard a farmer from the Thirsk area on Radio York this morning telling how the killers arrived before he had chance to think about appealing and how, when they had left, he found body parts such as lambs' heads and cows' hooves and tails in his farmyard. Bio-security? What on earth is that?

Sadly we lack the peasant mentality of the French who would be revolting in their millions by now. What is the matter with people.

I can only say that if they start shooting animals in a field near to me, I shall be your first martyr because I will not stand by and watch but will be in the field to physically stop them and probably be shot for my audacity.