Back to website Extract:IQPC's Information Operations Europe 2004 conference (22-24 June 2004)

..............has brought together information operations specialists from around the world. In addition to Dame Pauline's speech, delegates discussed a range of other issues, including:

QinetiQ is hosting the conference and has built an information operations team that brings together a unique combination of expertise in behavioural science, intelligence, law, physical security and information technology. Although information operations are traditionally considered a military activity QinetiQ also develops information campaign strategies that can benefit governments, businesses and other organisations.

Extract from warmwell Sept 8 2004

The "two posh ladies" referred to by Greg Dyke in the Observer, it seems, were those who bayed most loudly for Mr Dyke's removal. They are still BBC Governors. Baroness Sarah Hogg served as head of the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit between 1990 and 1995.

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones DCMG, is a career diplomat who served in various diplomatic missions. She was the deputy secretary to the Cabinet office before becoming Head of the Defence Secretariat of the Joint Intelligence Committee. She is the former managing director and head of global business strategy for NatWest Markets and chairman of NatWest Markets France. She became vice chairman of Hawkpoint Partners Ltd., the corporate advisory arm of NatWest Bank. She is chairman of the Information Assurance Advisory Council and also currently the chairman of the Qinetiq group plc ( UK privatised military research/services company)
A QinetiQ webpage says, "... Although information operations are traditionally considered a military activity QinetiQ also develops information campaign strategies that can benefit governments, businesses and other organisations."
Dame Neville-Jones is a member of the
Bilderbergs, the group of rich, powerful, and influential people from around the world who meet behind closed doors with no press releases and no available information on topics discussed.

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About QinetiQ

QinetiQ (pronounced ki’ ne tik as in ‘kinetic energy’) is Europe’s largest science and technology solutions company with unrivalled expertise in the defence and security sectors. Founded In July 2001 from the majority of DERA (Defence Evaluation and Research Agency) the laboratories of the UK MOD, QinetiQ employs nearly 10,000 people, including many of the UK's leading scientists and internationally acclaimed experts. Today QinetiQ operates in markets as diverse as health, defence, security, automotive, information technology, aerospace, rail, telecommunications, electronics, space, marine, energy and oil & gas.

QinetiQ's facilities include indoor and outdoor ranges, wind tunnels and noise test facilities, sleep laboratories, motion sickness and vibration laboratories, marine testing facilities, automotive test tracks and climatic testing laboratories. Its heritage covers the pioneering research and development of many household technologies. These include liquid crystal displays (LCDs), carbon fibre, the technology for flat panel speakers, infra-red sensors and microwave radar, a life saving foetal heart monitoring system, plus other significant advancements in the areas of healthcare, passenger security and transport.

Recently launched security products have included: a man-portable metal detection system; X-net – a vehicle arrest device; Tarsier – a radar system that identifies debris on an airport runway; BoarderWatch – which can see into vehicles to identify possible clandestines; and The MillimetreWave Portal – a people screening system that can identify concealed weapons.

In late February 2003, The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s leading private equity firms, was confirmed by the MOD as the strategic partner to invest in QinetiQ as a stepping stone to its eventual flotation. It holds 31% with the MOD retaining a 56% stake and the balance with staff.

Building on its defence and security expertise, QinetiQ is now developing an impressive overseas customer base. As part of this process it has established a US based sales operation in Arlington to forge closer links with this potentially massive market. In September 2004 it also acquired the businesses of Foster-Millar Inc for £91.8m ($163m) and Westar Aerospace & Defense Group for £72.2m ($130m). Both will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of QinetiQ North America but will remain autonomous, retaining their names, core management teams, employees and US facilities.