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Lethal Attraction
The effect of wind turbines on bird populations is still debated and is a controversial issue. A YouTube video discusses how California's largest wind farm cluster at Altamont Pass unintentionally kills golden eagles, burrowing owls and other birds. In another YouTube video, two White Storks fly close to a wind turbine.

"wind represented an illusory technology - a cul-de-sac that would prove uneconomic and a waste of resources in the battle against climate change" The recent Times article on Nobel Prize winning speaker at the Royal Society, Jack Steinberger
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Although the RSPB supported positive planning for "the development of onshore wind in the UK on the scale now required", the RSPB now recognises that windfarms are a danger to raptors. This page attempts to catalogue the windfarms' threat to many bird and bat species, including golden eagles whose grouse prey could be scared from the area affected by turbines. An important paper for ornithologists to cite is from Biodivers Conserv DOI 10.1007/s10531-006-9082-1

Impact of wind turbines on birds in Zeebrugge

(Belgium) Significant effect on breeding tern colony due to collisions Joris Everaert Æ Eric W. M. Stienen Received: 18 April 2006 / Accepted: 12 June 2006 J. Everaert (&) Æ E. W. M. Stienen
Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Kliniekstraat 25, B-1070 Brussels, Belgium

May 24th 2012 ~Eisgein Project wind farm plans threaten golden eagles on Lewis

The BBC today quotes RSPB Scotland spokesman, Stuart Benn: See BBC report

April 12 2012 ~ "...we need to bear in mind that it didn't cover the bigger raptors where we know collisions tend to happen."

February 2012 ~ UK planning laws now mean that bat and bird assessments must be conducted as part of the application process.

January 2012 ~ SEO/Birdlife issues warning: Spanish wind farms kill 6 to 18 million birds & bats a year

December 2011 ~ 39 instances reported here include confirmed deaths of protected species of bird.

November 7th 2011 ~ With the deaths of nearly 500 birds at the Laurel Mountain wind facility recently, three of the four wind farms operating in West Virginia have now experienced large bird fatality events, according to American Bird Conservancy (ABC).

September 11th 2011 ~ "Now Bagmoor wind intend to appeal the decision again, requiring further public funds and investment of time to consider an application that is clearly unsuitable." RSPB

June 6th 2011 ~ Scores of protected golden eagles dying after colliding with wind turbines

April 5th 2011 ~ A white-tailed sea eagle introduced to the Killarney National Park from Norway just three years ago has been found dead below a wind turbine near Kilgarvan

February 23 2011 ~ Inspector backs council decision to reject Mynydd y Gwair wind farm

July 5th 2010 ~ Primary school forced to turn off wind turbine after bird deaths

June 25th 2010 ~ Rare red kite found dead at a wind farmthat had been termed "harmless to wildlife"

April 4th 2010 ~ Horrible video of big bird's death in a wind turbine

March 25 2010 ~ Ted Hughes would have been as sad as we are...

March 2010 ~ Wind turbines: 'Eco-friendly' - but not to eagles

Jan 22 2010 ~ Council votes to oppose wind farm

January 4, 2010 ~ Windfarms threat to curlews

January 3, 2010 ~ 'Scarecrow' wind farms put rare birds to flight

December 2 2009 ~ "A vast swath of northern and western Scotland could be set aside to give greater protection to one of the UK's most enigmatic birds of prey."

Oct 28 2009 ~ " an awful irony that such positive steps were made in protecting the Lewis Peatlands.. yet now a smaller development can sneak through and have a negative impact on this fantastic wildlife habitat"

26 September 2009 ~ 'Poorly positioned' wind farms reduce rare birds' breeding

24 July 2009 ~ Gull killer turbines are removed

January 10, 2009 ~ Bats surpassing birds as ecological concern

30 October 2008 ~ Birds in danger

25 August 2008 ~Wind turbines make bat lungs explode

August 2008 ~ Youths blamed for luring gulls to death in wind turbines

January 23, 2006 ~ Wind farms condemned as eagles fall prey to turbines