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Risk Solutions.

The Risk Solutions Cost Benefit Analysis of Foot and Mouth Disease Controls, finally reported in 2005, looked at a range of possible scenarios rather than an evaluation of the actual 2001 pre-emptive ' firebreak', '3km', 'contiguous' and 'slaughter on suspicion' culls.

What FMD expertise there was within Risk Solutions has yet to be identified and one wonders how (indeed, if) they validated and interrogated the FMD data. Their CBA failed to investigate the costs incurred as a result of pre-emptive slaughter. In fact, FMD costs are likely to continue for more than a decade, not least because of the poor construction of some of the burial pits and the sheer numbers of animals buried in such sites as Great Orton. An accurate analysis of 2001 from experts is, even after six years, still needed.

22 - 28 May 2005 ~ FMD Cost Benefit Analysis finally appears

28 May - June 4 2005 ~ "The study does not identify a single scenario in which a contiguous cull would produce the best results."

August 15 - 22 2005 ~"....Vaccination ..... its implications are now seen as practical ones..."