Foot and Mouth Disease in Scotland  inquiry calls for views

The Royal Society of Edinburgh's independent inquiry into Foot and Mouth Disease in Scotland is now calling for evidence and views. The RSE has set up the independent expert committee to investigate the recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Scotland, the control procedures employed and the impact that has had on the Scottish economy.

The remit of the group carrying out the work will be to investigate the outbreak, spread and control of the disease in Scotland with particular regard to:


1        The organism and the disease


2        Methods of control


3        Impact on the economy generally


4        Impact on tourism


5        Lessons for the future


Professor Ian Cunningham will Chair the Committee and the full membership of the group is as follows:

Chair: Professor Ian Cunningham CBE FRSE

Vice-Chair: Professor Gavin McCrone CB FRSE

Members: Sir James Armour, CBE, FRSE

Professor Brian Ashcroft

Dr Jean Balfour, CBE, FRSE

Mr Ivan Broussine

Sir David Carter, FRSE

Dr James Irvine, FRSE

Mrs Barbara Kelly CBE

Dr Bill Martin, FRSE

Dr Donald MacRae

Professor Jeff Maxwell, OBE, FRSE

Dr Laura Meagher

Mr David Mitchell

Dr Peter Nettleton

Professor Stuart Reid, FRSE

Dr Robert Sellers FRSE

Secretary: Mr Loudon Hamilton


The Committee will invite organisations and individuals with relevant experience to give evidence to one or other of its two subcommittees: a Biological and Disease Control Committee under the chairmanship of Dr Bill Martin and an Economic Impact Committee, chaired by Professor Gavin McCrone.


Individuals and organisations wishing to submit views should do so in writing, to be received no later than January 7 2002. Submissions should be sent to:


Mr Loudon Hamilton,

Secretary to the RSE Foot & Mouth Committee,

The Royal Society of Edinburgh,

22-26 George Street,




Views may alternatively be submitted by email to:


Submission of evidence will not be accepted verbally over the telephone.

Receipt of evidence will be acknowledged, but the RSE will not enter into correspondence regarding individual

views.Secretary: Mr Loudon Hamilton CB














Independent committee to investigate

the impact of Foot & Mouth disease on Scotland


An independent committee is being set up by The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) to look into the implications for Scotland of Foot & Mouth disease. 


The expert group will conduct a wide ranging assessment of the impact of the disease on animal health and importantly examine the social and economic consequences of the recent epidemic on the countryside and on Scotland as a whole. The committee will place particular emphasis on future methods of prevention and control, and make recommendations on lessons to be learned, should there be a further major outbreak.

The group, which aims to report on its findings early next year, will invite views from a wide range of individuals and organisations concerned with the implications of Foot and Mouth.


Aiming to provide a broad view of the effects of the disease, the scope of the multi-disciplinary committee is expected to include: veterinary health, medicine, farming, economics, tourism, the consumer and the general public. The independent committee is being set up at the instigation of the President and Council of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.


The committee's working remit will be to consider scientific aspects of the Foot & Mouth virus, the disease, options for its control and the impact of the spread of the virus on the social and economic life of Scotland. Its focus will be on lessons for the future.


RSE President, Sir William Stewart said,


This is a hugely important issue for Scotland, and particularly for rural communities. The RSE is committed to a full, balanced and timely inquiry. The implications of the recent epidemic go far beyond science, the disease and animal health  Foot and Mouth impacts on economic and societal issues for the people of Scotland. The Royal Society of Edinburgh, an independent and multidisciplinary body of expertise, will seek to apply joined up thinking to examine this complex issue as it impacts upon Scotland. Hopefully our examination will help the development of sound strategies for the future.

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