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From Dr Ruth Watkins November 16 2007

Bluetongue statistics

I am not sure how DEFRA are counting because my sister had BTV confirmed today in one of her Longhorn cows, Duchess. After 7 days of illness she is gradually improving, she has not ceased suckling her little calf all along.

My brother-in-law got the vet out straight away and she has had Flunixin and Nuflor and soft food to eat as well as beet nuts. The first symptom was coronitis of all 4 feet. She had severe conjunctivitis, facial swelling, ulceration and soreness of her mucosa and ulceration of her udder. She was clearly in pain grinding her teeth and was reluctant to stand before being given flunixin.

They are situated in mid Norfolk in Welborne near Dereham.

I am sure there is a missed infection in a neighbouring farm and I hope the farmer may be persuaded to have the animal re-bled as IAH Pirbright will offer free testing on repeat specimens.

I am disturbed to note that the farmers or their vets are not being sent copies of the laboratory report. Instead they are phoned from a DEFRA office and being given a result over the phone, positive or negative, by a vet or person they have never met, not the one even who came out to see their ill animal and take the specimen. This is certainly the way mistakes can be made and it is not good clinical practice.

yours sincerely

Ruth Watkins


























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