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Schmallenberg Virus News

2013 is unable at present adequately to follow the alarming progress of the Schmallenberg virus, but warmly recommends FluTrackers on SBV for news and updates.

Totals by species in affected countries can be seen on
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AHVLA for latest information on the UK situation

March 27th 2015 ~ Schmallenberg identified in spring calving suckler herds in the South West

May 21st 2013 ~ British farmers will get the new Schmallenberg vaccine this summer

September 2012 ~ Schmallenberg virus could spread across the whole of Britain this year.

August 29th 2012 ~ Scottish farmers offered free tests

August 27th 2012 ~ Scotland alarmed at the likely increase in culicoides midges

August 2012 ~ "Prof Mertens also dashed any hopes that a vaccine would be ready ahead of the sheep breeding season"

July 9th 2012 ~ Institute for Animal Health (IAH) gets £680,000 from the BBSRC to sequence and study the Culicoides midge genome

July 4th 2012 ~ MSD Animal Health are confident that the vaccine could be developed for production by the end of the year - 12 months earlier than anticipated.

June 29th 2012 ~ Russia is preparing to relax the ban on EU livestock

June 25th 2012 ~ The wolf in the sheepfold

June 25th 2012 ~ "The following knowledge gaps should be addressed:

June 8th 2012 ~ 1st Danish animal tests positive for Schmallenberg virus

June 6th 2012 ~ There are 267 UK farms reporting SBV: 45 in cattle and 219 in sheep and 3 premises which reported sheep (earlier in the year) and are now also reporting cattle cases.

May 31st 2012 ~ Updated figures of reported SBV-positive holdings for the whole of Europe - 4624 (inclouding roe deer)

May 27th 2012 ~ The OIE TECHNICAL FACTSHEET has been updated for May

May 24th 2012 ~ New explosion of cases in France

May 21 2012 ~ 260 UK farms reporting SBV: 38 in cattle and 222 in sheep.

May 18th 2012 ~ There are 258 UK farms reporting SBV: 36 in cattle and 222 in sheep. There are no new reported cases since the 14 May 2012

May 2012 ~ PRO/AH/EDR> Schmallenberg virus - Europe (41): serosurvey, vector

May 10th 2012 ~ EU earmarks 3 million euros for work on Schmallenberg virus

May 9th 2012 ~ New joint risk assessment on risks to human health of the Schmallenberg virus

May 8th 2012 ~ Affected premises in France still on the increase

May 4th 2012 ~ AHVLA is now reporting that 256 UK farms have been affected by Schmallenberg virus: 36 in cattle and 220 in sheep

April 30th 2012 ~ How many Schmallenberg cases are there really in the UK? 254?

27th Apr 2012 ~ Schmallenberg vaccine: "no stone will be left unturned"

April 23rd 2012 ~ 250 UK farms reporting SBV: 32 in cattle and 218 in sheep. This is an increase of one farm in sheep

April 17th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg

April 6th 2012 ~"ProMED-mail's normal policy is not to be engaged in reports dealing with commercial products....Development of sero-tests for SBV has been undertaken by other laboratories as well..."

April 6th 2012 ~ "Serological testing is essential for disease surveillance and epidemiological studies."

April 4th 2012 ~ One day SBV seminar in Brussels

April 3rd 2012 ~ Germany makes SBV a notifiable disease

April 3rd 2012 ~ European farms infected now number nearly 3000.

April 2nd 2012 ~ Robert Koch Institute's study of shepherds' blood shows no SBV antibodies present.

April 2nd 2012 ~ Schmallenberg-virus in Europe 2,948 farms affected according to official figures

March 30th 2012 ~SBV now officially noted on 235 UK farms (25 cattle, 210 sheep). First cattle cases in Essex, Devon & Cornwall

March 29th 2012 ~ "Detection of Schmallenberg virus made possible by bioMérieux: the ADIAGENE PCR kit has been validated by ANSES"

March 28th 2012 ~ Dr Anthony Wilson at the IAH "Higher temperatures mean shorter incubation periods for the virus."

March 25th 2012 ~ All three species of vector - Culicoides obsoletus, Culicoides dewulfi and Culicoides pulicaris - are native to Britain.

March 23rd 2012 ~ SBV confirmed in Jersey

March 17th 2012 ~ First microscopic visualisation of SBV

March 17th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg infection now on 176 UK farms. Virus also newly confirmed in Greater London & Warwickshire

March 17th 2012 ~ Belgian scientists have demonstrated that SBV is transmitted by the midges Culicoides obsoletus, dewulfi and pulicaris.

March 15th 2012 ~ Cases found in East Midlands

March 15th 2012 ~ First case of SBV in Spain

March 15th 2012 ~ Jim Nicholson MEP (UUP, Northern Ireland) - speech made in the European Parliament in Strasbourg this morning

March 15th 2012 ~ Richard Ashworth MEP (Conservative, South East)

March 12th 2012 ~ UK has 158 farms affected

March 12th 2012 ~ Peter Roeder OBE expresses concern to ProMed about imprecise media reporting about Schmallenberg

March 9th 2012 ~ Antibodies against Schmallenberg virus in 70 per cent of the dairy cattle population in the Netherlands

March 4th 2012 ~ Important opinion from an experienced cattle farmer in Germany

March 2nd 2012 ~ UK cases officially confirmed at 92

March 2nd 2012 ~ DEFRA does not plan to make Schmallenberg a notifiable disease

March 2nd 2012 ~ "My heart goes out to anybody's farm who's got this disease because it's so soul destroying to go through the lambing process and not have the live, healthy lambs, at the end of it"

March 1st 2012 ~ Brussels issues warning over SBV trade restrictions

Feb 29th 2012 ~ New Scientist reports that a vaccine is "on its way"

February 28th 2012 ~ Dr Ruth Watkins tells the BBC says it is 'inevitable' there will be cases in Wales and warns against culling infected animals since the animal will react to the virus with a "wonderful neutralising antibody immune response"

NFU SBV Briefing page...............Johann Tasker's informative video of suspected Schmallenberg cases in UK

February 2012 ~ Schmallenberg virus: technical factsheet

February 11th 2012 ~ "It might look from this that Schmallenberg virus is definitely here to stay and spread through out Northern Europe. One cannot say without the detailed entomology of virus infection..."

February 11th 2012 ~ Video: Professor Peter Mertens, head of vector-borne diseases at the Institute for Animal Health

February 10th 2012 ~ Reactions of the virologist, Ruth Watkins, after the online discussions

February 10th 2012 ~ Farmers Guardian have their Schmallenberg web discussion today 1pm.

February 10th 2012 ~ Some of the main points made on the FWi live forum last night

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Farmers Guardian Schmallenberg: The Facts Jan 26th 2012

EPIZONE will organize a Satellite symposium on the topic "Schmallenberg virus" after the 6th Annual Meeting EPIZONE in Brighton on 15th June 2012 Keynote speakers will be invited for lectures on all aspects of the Schmallenberg virus, such as diagnostics, vaccine development, epidemiology, and risk assessment. More Brighton.

December 2011 Risk Assessment pdf. Potential implications for Human Health (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control)