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Today the Soil Association publishes 'Seeds of Doubt' - an
explosive report that shows the devastating impact of commercial
genetically modified (GM) crop planting in North America.



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This major new report shows that GM crops have been an economic
disaster in the USA and Canada. 'Seeds of Doubt' is the first
detailed look at what has happened in North America since the
commercial growing of GM crops started in 1996.

This study has gathered sufficient evidence to debunk the myth
that GM technology represents progress.

The evidence suggests that, in reality, virtually every benefit
claimed for GM food crops has NOT occurred. Instead, farmers
are reporting lower yields, continuing dependency on chemical
sprays, loss of exports and, critically, reduced profits. This
is leaving farming even more vulnerable to the interests of
biotechnology companies and in need of subsidies.

The report makes disturbing reading at a time when a decision
has to be made in the UK about the commercial introduction of
GM crops.  We hope our report will lead to a better informed
public debate and a more independent, less pressurised

The government has asked its advisory body, the Agriculture
and Environment Biotechnology Commission (AEBC), to arrange
a GM public debate. This will take place before any commercial
growing of GM crops.  This debate is a crucial opportunity
for organic food consumers, farmers, processors and retailers
to tell the government what they think. We hope our report
will be a helpful contribution.

Read the summary of our report online at
If you share our concerns, there are two simple things you can
do which will make a real difference:



ACTION 1: Write to a national or local paper highlighting North
American farmers' experiences of GM crops - you may like to use
the report summary as a basis for your letter. Please remember
to send us a copy of any letters that are published or any
correspondence you receive (contact details below).

ACTION 2: Ring the customer care line of your local
supermarket (list of numbers below). Tell them:
+ You buy organic food from them and you want to be able to buy
UK produced organic food whenever possible.
+ That you are worried that if commercial planting of GM crops
goes ahead in the UK, all farms will become contaminated by GM
and will you not be able to buy uncontaminated British food,
even if it's organic food.
+ Ask the supermarket what they are going to do to make sure
this doesn't happen.
+ Please send us any replies (contact details below).

      ASDA              0500 100 055
      Co-op (CWS)       0800 317 827
      Iceland Foods     01244 842 842
      Marks & Spencer   0207 268 1234
      Safeway           016722 712 899
      Sainsbury's       0800 636 262
      Somerfield        0117 935 6669
      Tesco             0800 50 55 55
      Waitrose          0800 188 884


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