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"......I could add many other issues to do with double-tagging of sheep, electronic identification and many more, but unless there is a clear benefit to be gained from a regulation, it is pointless. I question considerably the need for them, but the key point in this debate is that all those things restrict farming's ability to increase production..." James Paice 30 Jun 2008 HoC debate

The Electronic Identification of sheep is due to become compulsory in January 2010 - what follows is just some of the comments and news items since 2003

May 30th 2012 ~ UK wins EU backing over sheep EID burden

March 25th 2012 ~ "An individual farmer, backed by the NFU for example, might be the best approach." William Neville on EID challenge

February 24th 2012 ~ Rules governing the electronic identification of sheep (EID) could be challenged in the European Court of Justice.

January 11 2010 ~ Video guidance on electronic sheep taggin from DEFRA

November 30 2009 ~ New EID rules explained at Farmers Weekly

November 2 2009 ~ European MEPs furious at EID insistence "a great tragedy that the European Commission claims electronic tagging is necessary.."

Oct 2 2009 ~ Last-ditch attempts by a cross-party group of MEPs to bring EID to a halt failed.

Oct 1 2009 ~ fewer flock owners will have to invest in specialist equipment to read tags.

Sept 18 2009 ~ voluntary electronic tagging option - a workable solution for the implementation of electronic identification (EID) of sheep from January next year.

July 23 2009 ~ Sheep: Tagging: Another non-answer to a parliamentary question

July 15 2009 ~ National Sheep Association reveals that Defra was pushed into agreeing not to seek further concessions

July 14 2009 ~ SCoFCAH has voted to amend the Annex of Regulation (EC) 21/2004

July 7 2009 ~ Sheep tagging - Hansard yesterday

June 24 2009 ~ Decision by European farm ministers not to change regulations on EID has been met with dismay

June 22 2009 ~ EID: Scottish proposal to defer electronic tagging will be raised in Luxembourg.

June 5 2009 ~ we read in the Farmers Guardian that Hilary Benn has promised at least to try

June 2 2009 ~ EID " if the proposal becomes law, up to 30 per cent of Scotland's greatly reduced breeding flock would disappear... "

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June 1 2009 ~ EID "The government must recognise there is much more flexibility available" Peter Morris

May 30 2009 ~ Scottish politicians of all parties are urging UK Govt to reverse the EU's compulsory EID ruling

Thursday May 28 2009 ~ Lib Dems in Scotland use sheep to protest at electronic tagging

May 10/11 2009 ~ The final straw for sheep farmers?

April 15 2009 ~ Sheep EID "This could do to the sheep industry what TB is doing to the cattle industry."

March 27 2009 ~ A Cumbrian farmer and leading lobbyist against compulsory electronic sheep tagging Alastair Mackintosh believes there is still hope of concessions from the European Commission.

February 8 2009 ~ sheep farmers claim "crazy" and "unnecessary" EID could force farmers on to the streets in protest

November 12 2008 ~ EID. Cannot EU Ministers speak with one voice?

November 11 2008 ~ Just at the very time when we need to encourage local food production EID will provoke an exodus of hill farmers.

October 2 2008 ~ welfare- unfriendly, disproportionate - and of no benefit for the producer or consumer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003 ~ "contradictory and against the welfare of the animal (double tagging of calves and sheep is an example)"