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The warmwell website avoided publishing photographs of the reality of the contiguous cull in 2001.

We assumed that imagination would supply images, and to place them on the site would be unnecessarily distressing.

However, since FMD has now largely been airbrushed out of both the political conscience and public consciousness, here are some of the photographs taken in 2001.

Even processing them for the website has been upsetting. These photos come from Cumbria and were taken by Nick Green - someone whose staunch refusal to accept what was happening in the name of "animal health" made him more than unpopular with the authorities. The sheer numbers of animals killed by the political response to the disease resulted in botched, unsupervised and unnecessary slaughter - and then rotting heaps of the dead.

In spite of harrassment, threats and finally prosecution, Nick Green continued to take photographs. He has many more.

Nick Green says

April 2001

Taken in late March 2001. The cows were left rotting for 10 days. Eden Valley.

Seen as Tony Blair arrived at Carlisle in March 2001. Nick Green writes, "This sign in a field in St Johns in the vale near Keswick says it all."

Late March. The sheep were stunned but NOT pithed. Many were very distressed . Some escaped and were stunned in the road. All were heavily pregnant, and many spontaneously aborted.

Nick Green arrived soon after these ewes were killed He writes,

    "The site reeked of death & as I approached to photograph the carnage. I was shocked to see these foetuses still moving. They were of course asphyxiated and were dying slowly. What was to unfold during the ensuing 8 months defied belief. Blair got away with it and those responsible were awarded/ knighted etc.."
Taken in March 2001. Eden Valley.
Nick Green was threatened by MAFF as he took photographs among the chaos.

"Bio-security" This photo was taken in June 2001.
Dead ewes were left rotting in fields. Slaughterers' suits just left blowing around. Nick comments, "The farmer had gone away in disgust & left MAFF to run riot. They did."

Despite a lull in killing in this part of the world, MAFF came back & effectively cleared out what was left.