From a farmer in Worcestershire. Received June 7th




We are still under a D notice.


It has just occurred to me that I am being led into the trap of defending
myself yet again.

Why should I have to spend more time money and effort on proving that I have
been treated badly?

I would have thought having 120,000 dead animals buried here and the
potential for 1.2million to be buried here with just a press announcement to
say they were going to it would be proof enough.

I have already spent considerable time and money on phone calls, Internet
access, printing paper and ink, petrol and countless wasted hours at council meetings
I have felt very distressed, I have been frightened, I still feel scared
and unsafe.

I would be afraid to own a cloven footed animal in the future for fear of
what could happen, people who have worked hard to build up good herds that
they are proud of have seen it all wiped out.

We are still under a D notice.

This applies to our entire community here although we had virtually no foot
and mouth in Worcestershire.

The stress in the harder hit communities like Devon and Cumbria is on a much
greater scale than we have had  I wonder if they will ever recover .
When I read the posts saying what they are going to spend putting peoples
lives back together in rural communities I feel even more angry because they
have stolen peace of mind and it will take more than money to fix that.
If it is a gift then let it be a gift not a way of making what has happened

Any money paid to farmers is their money that has been stolen from them.
Any money spent on helping rural areas to get over what has happened will be
welcome but not an excuse for what has happened.

No wonder I feel scared and unsafe.