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FMD Judicial Review

Jan 31 ~ A message from Robert Perseu says..."It has been announced that the Attorney General has decided to defend DEFRA in the Judicial Review seeking a Public Inquiry into FMD. Lord Goldsmith QC will be taking on the BBC, the Telegraph group, Associated newspapers, the Mirror group and the Guardian who are all seeking a Public Inquiry. The news people are all quoting Article 10 of the European Convention (Human Rights Act) seeking free access to information. It would appear that HM Government is determined not to have a Public Inquiry. Is there something to hide?"

A group of farmers and a vet are seeking a Judicial Review to force a Public Inquiry into Foot and Mouth Disease. Mr Richard Lissack QC and Clarke Wilmott & Clarke are working on a "No win, No Fee" basis. A group of newspapers, the Western Morning News, The Farmers Weekly and the Western Mail are underwriting part of the Government's costs if the case is lost.

An appeal is being launched, which seeks supporters to make a pledge to pay £1,000 or (lesser amount) towards the costs, but only if the case is lost. Obviously the legal people think it is a strong case or else they would not be working on a "No win, No Fee" basis.

A bank account has been opened with Trustees, to receive donations. If the case is won and the money is not needed the money will go to the R.A.B.I and the Addington Trust.

T-shirts are being sold for £10 each bearing the logo of "Winnie the Pig" and the legend "we seek the truth" - all profits from these will go to the fund.

It is hoped up to 1000 supporters all wearing the T-shirts will come to the High Court when the case is heard.

Donations, T-shirt orders or offers to underwrite part of any costs can be sent to:

PO Box 65,
Ex14 3WE
Please make cheques payable to The FMD Judicial Review Fund.

Sizes (which are relatively small) are Medium, Large, Extra Large and EXTRA Extra Large. Please remember to specify which size(s) you'd like.

Many thanks

Guy Thomas-Everard tel 07970 229524

The t-shirt can be seen worn somewhat unconventionally in the photo Ananova published to accompany its report on the Winnie campaign here

Jan 28 ~ Press Release from The Ecologist. (The Judicial Review action to be heard in the High Court will now begin at 10.30 on 18th Jan