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Trans-placental transmission of bluetongue virus

In the light of new scientific information recently gathered on bluetongue virus pathogenesis related to the possible trans-placental transmission of bluetongue, some precautionary measures were taken to prevent the possible spread of the disease by pregnant animals or certain newborn animals Regulation (EC) No 384/2008

A working group held on 30/4/08 reviewed the most recent information gathered by the Member States on this issue


Overwintering of BTV-8 in the UK & Northern Europe pdf, Karin Darpel, Chris Oura and Philip Mellor Arbovirology Department, IAH Pirbright
Transplacental bluetongue infection in Belgium pdf, De Clercq K, Vandenbussche F, Vandemeulebroucke E, Vanbinst T, De Leeuw I, Verheyden B, Goris N, Mintiens K, Méroc E, Herr C, Hooybergs J, Houdart P, Sustronck B, De Deken R, Maquet G, Bughin J, Saulmont M, Lebrun M, Bertels G, Steurbaut N, Miry C.
Trans-placental Transmission Field Trial Of Btv-1 in Spain pdf, Luis José Romero, Epidemiology Unit, Subdirectorate General for Animal Health
Vertical transmission of Bluetongue virus serotype 8 pdf, CVI of Wageningen UR Lelystad, the Netherlands - Department of Virology - Exotic Viral Diseases - Piet van Rijn


























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