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Email received 20th November 2011

Grazing of permanent pasture by livestock has all the benefits the Countess of Cranbrook attributes to it plus the locking up of carbon in the turf. Zero grazing is the carrying of fresh green crops to feed housed cattle. These crops (mostly short term grass leys) are usually specifically grown for the purpose and are largely monocultures.

I find it puzzling that there are people who think that a TB resistant strain of cattle could be the answer to our problems (are they advocating similar breeding strategies for badgers, humans or any other mamal?) but there is so little real effort to address the problems of anti-biotic resistance highlighted by Helen Browning, in particular to develop mastitis resistance strains of dairy cattle. Cell count information is included in bull breeding proofs, but a low cell count only indicates an absence of mastitis, not a resistance to it.

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