email received March 24 2015 from a Swiss veterinary practitioner with several years of experience dealing with bTB, Ueli Zellweger
He writes in response to's posting about the most recent EFRA report Work of the Committee: 2010-15 - Environment, Food and Rural Affairs :

Having read today's post I found:


"...Overall we concluded that for too long the Government's strategy for dealing with bovine TB had been reactive, following the spread of infection. The Government needs a strategy that will jump ahead of infection..."


May I comment:

-          with bTB You cannot jump ahead of infection

-          bTB can only be eradicated when it is found  where it is and “killed” on site = eradicated in each and every spot. That means animals which are carrying it must go …   this is called “stamping out”

-          this is and always was the only successful method to deal with bTB; the badger cull goes in the right direction and first results in reduced TB in cattle in such a larger cull area are quite promising

-          all fuss about vaccination is rubbish; it is good for the soul of the people involved producing BCG and applying it and it is good to show the innocent public ( and politicians ) that something is done with huge efforts. But it will never work for whole populations.

-          It is well known that BCG never can prevent all new infections; the only thing it does is ~ it alleviates the grade of disease ( or prolongs the life of an infected individual ).


How do you do biosecurity on a dairy farm or beef farm where every day tens of tons of fodder ( grass/ hay ) are eaten and digested – the very fodder the badger ( and deer ) have coughed in or peed over ~ with TB?

The idea of keeping all cattle indoor all time does not work either …  apart of the fact that it is highly unhealthy.


Of course it is very hard to conceive this with all the new technics available nowadays; and this country very obviously is in awful total mess now with no end in sight.  But read up all the letters I wrote years go.  I still stand behind each and every word in all those lines.  ( = some 5 articles )


I cannot see that any of my arguments are outdated or have been proven wrong – can YOU?


best wishes