An unholy alliance ..the freemasonry of the Royal Society


Professor Roy Anderson - his ascendency


The evidence suggests he had 'help' from Sir Robert May (President of the
Royal Society and previous Govt Chief Scientist), Sir John Krebs (Head of
the Food Standards Agency and well known enthusiast for GM) and Prof David
King (Chief Scientist).

All four are Fellows of the Royal Society - which appears to operate as a kind
of scientific Freemasonry - and May, Krebs and Anderson were all Profs in
the same Dept and Oxford University prior to the Anderson scandals that led
Anderson and large numbers of 'hangers on' to decamp to Imperial College
last year.


May and Krebs receive(d) Royal Society Research Professorships.
Anderson and Krebs are widely 'seen' as May's protegés, and King almost
certainly owes his position as Chief Scientist to May, as does Krebs with regard to
his appointment as Head of the Food Standards Agency.