We start tonight with this message from Richard North:

I just sense from your recent editions that you are getting a little jaded -
the spark seems to have gone out of some of your recent missives.  This is
say, therefore, keep up the good work.  I really look forward to your
bulletin every evening and feel quite cheated when it does not arrive.

best wishes


Our comment:   We plead guilty to the charge.  It has been six months now
and we are only human - so yes, we admit that we do feel tired and jaded at
times.  But thank you, Richard and others, for your encouragement, and don't
worry, we are not about to give up.  What has happened the last few days is
that we have relaxed a bit, spent some time enjoying the company of friends
and family who have visited us, with the result that "the message" has been
put together rather more hastily than usual - and as any writer knows, the
quality soon suffers once the concentration wanders!  Normal service will
now be resumed . . . . .

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This item comes from Steve at the "whatareweswallowing" website:

In association with Brave New World Productions, our UK elected government
representatives present.......


the cull continues...

"Truly terrifying" The Farming Community

"A Monstrous event" In Our Time

"A remarkable plot" Against Independent Agriculture

"A breathtaking assault" On Civil Liberties

"You ain't seen nothing yet" Monsanto, Novartis, World Bank, G7, Brussels
and their affiliated government organisations

Establishing itself across wide areas of the UK, shaken witnesses to the
Blairwolf Project are describing it as nothing less than life-changing. Men,
women and children have encountered scenes that defy the imagination. Blood,
death, gore, ruination, all in the space of a single afternoon. Some are
describing this as 'armed officialdom gone mad'. Properties forcefully and
unlawfully entered, healthy livestock - cows, sheep, pigs, goats slaughtered
for no reason, arrests made on those who protest, hard-working, peaceable
men crying profusely at the impact of this shattering experience - some even
ending their lives as a result, familes and livelihoods shattered, stable
communities devastated, core national values treacherously and ruthlessly
dismantled, marauders carving their way across our hillsides. And all the
while, our nation sleeps.

This is the reality of foot and mouth, a reality being very successfully
shielded from the millions who literally have no idea of the true nature of
The BlairWolf Project. As these violent assaults on civil liberties take
place amongst us RIGHT NOW, an unsuspecting nation is avidly following the
latest goings-on in Channel 4's 'Big Brother'.

Where are the honest, high-profile reviews that might shake people out of
their general apathy? When are mainstream critics going to review the
BlairWolf Project with intellectual and moral integrity?

The answer is....they're not.

We all need to wake up here. The recent 'plague' headlines in the national
press have been totally orchestrated. They are a political ploy. There is no
foot and mouth plague. In what is probably the most sickening display of
post-war, media-manipulating governance, Tony Blair has authorised the
police, the army, government officials and assorted livestock extermination
squads to collude in the purposeful killing of millions of perfectly healthy
animals across the UK. Under the guise of foot and mouth, a most unnecessary
slaughter has been given the necessary legitimacy. And it's been taking
place for years now. Whether we care to believe it or not, foot and mouth,
BSE and swine fever have all been used at various stages, as a Trojan Horse
to intentionally decimate independent agricultural communities. And there is
actually some very calculated reasoning for doing so.

 Tony Blair is simply one of many national leaders who are obediently
following the dictates of a faceless, but immensely powerful European
leadership that has covertly declared that independent agriculture (as well
as other self-supporting industries) ACROSS THE WORLD must be broken by all
means necessary. Yes, across the world. Do not think this social and
economic sabotage is limited to the UK. This is truly a global affair.
Australia, USA, Europe, South East Asia have already, or will very soon be
experiencing the same 'plagues'...nowhere will be safe from this form of
industrial, social and moral espionage.

Why is this? The answer is simple. In the case of agriculture, a strong
farming base represents independence. Independence is in direct opposition
to the European Superstate goal of achieving global interdependence.
Interdependence will of course lead ultimately to total dependence. Our
mining has gone, our steelwork has gone, our fishing has all but gone. And
we will soon be completely dependent. And dependent upon whom?

Upon the very powerbases orchastrating these latest violations. Their plan
is unfolding before our very eyes. And it's inherently evil. Gone are the
days of relying on the whimsical belief that man is inherently good. We all
need to
WAKE UP! the world is changing fast...very fast indeed.

For a different angle on this latest foot and mouth 'catastrophe', go now to

www.credence.org  click on Plague, Pestilence and the pursuit of Power


Our comment:  This is vintage Steve - for more of the same, visit his
"whatareweswallowing" website.  Whether or not you agree with his views, he
certainly makes you stop and think and question what is going on - and that
must be good.

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 Janet sent us this contribution:

Went to a collecting centre on Monday to sell stock. The Centre followed the
DEFRA regulations to the letter - indeed there were enough DEFRA officials
around to give the poor auctioneer apoplexy! However, I am unhappy about the
so-called biosecurity - what do you think?

We unloaded stock from a clean trailer - minimal contact with anything. Then
went round to washout, Of necessity, with 50 odd trailers queueing, several
have to be washed out at once - in this case there were 5 hoses side by

I will pass over the H & S horrors of trailers reversing into narrow spaces
whilst farmers etc were waltzing around at the rear and continue with the
hosing down. High pressure hoses create wonderful aerosols, Very quickly we
were covered in our own s**T and a fair smattering from our two neighbours.
To do the wheels we had to wade in a puddle of dilute slurry. The DEFRA
official "disinfected" the trailer and wheels of the vehicle and then we
- a great deal filthier than when we started.

It seems to me that a better idea would be to forget the washout for
vehicles altogether. You unload, get into vehicle, pass lengthways over
washout point. DEFRA disinfect outside of loading ramp and wheels and then
you leave market, taking your own muck home with you to clean out on your
farm. No paddling in other peoples' muck, no dangerous backing of trailers,
little farmer contact with auction yard and a quick procedure - so fewer
frayed tempers. I don't suppose DEFRA would see the sense of it though!



Jane (of The Diary) sends in this request for information:

Following on from Diana's comments on (I think) Friday, it seems to me
extraordinary that the 'random' blood tests are being carried out as they
are.  Apart from my immediately paranoid reaction that I had been picked out
for a test because of my fairly public protests to and about DEFRA, there
does seem to be something very strange going on.  I have fifteen sheep, my
three immediate neighbours have maybe 3,000 (?) between them. After my sheep
were tested last Monday (by my own vet) the longwinded paperwork that
followed recorded (amongst other things) all the names and addresses of all
the farms that adjoin our 18 acres.  None of these farms will now be tested.
In this area alone (around Black Dog) many or even most of the smallholders
have been tested (even DEFRA admitted that smallholders around here had been
"hit hard" though they refused my request for a list).  This throws up
several questions which I would very much like to glean some answers to if
anyone would like to comment:

1. If smallholders are almost all being tested, does this mean that few, if
any "proper" (you know what I mean) farms are?  I don't know any big farms
around here which have been tested.

2. Is this a pattern which is being repeated all over the country or
particular to Devon (where there seems to be a lot of us about)? (Though
only a 10k zone here, we are only just outside five 3k zones, so they may be
doing extra tests I suppose)

3. Is this strategy being carried out because: a) it's cheaper?  b) they are
less likely to find positives?  c)they want a reason to pick off as many
small outfits as possible? or even d)they are punishing us for kicking up a
fuss in the past?

4. How representative of the levels of anti-body or infection in the country
as a whole is it if they concentrate on only one kind of holding?

Information please.


Our comment:   Our own observations support the view that virtually all
smallholders have been blood tested.  This could not be the case if sampling
was genuinely random  -  so what is going on?  Please respond if you can
(through us).

#                                  #                               #

Sara sent us this observation:

It may interest you to know that my local paper 'Western Daily Press' sent
some questions from their readers, concerning FMD to DEFRA on August 1 but
as yet, along with a lot of chasing, they still haven't had a reply. It
out that all 'qualified personnel' who are 'capable' of answering questions
have gone on holiday. It's a pity that farmers can't go on holiday, oh I
forgot, they've got a job to do!!



Richard forwarded this news item:


By Jane Merrick and Vanessa Allen, PA News

Officials tonight said there had been a "major setback" in the fight against
foot-and-mouth disease after a total of six new cases in three days were
confirmed in a region which had been virus-free for months.

Strict controls were set up around a 400 square mile area near Hexham,
Northumberland, after a third case was found earlier today.

But after a further three were confirmed in farms in the same area this
evening, officials painted a gloomy picture and urged people to obey

There were fears that other farms in the county - which had been
for three months - could also be infected.

Divisional veterinary manager Arthur Griffiths said two of the three new
cases were contiguous to the previous outbreaks and the third was on the
of two of the three kilometre zones.

Mr Griffiths added: "As I said earlier today, new cases are not to be
entirely unexpected given the number of animals in this valley.

"We are of course bitterly disappointed at the news and cannot stress how
important it is for people to make sure that they strictly follow the
bio-security arrangements.

"This is however a major setback and reinforces the need for draconian
measures to stop the spread of the disease."

National Farmers' Union North East director Richard Ellison said tonight:
"This is a very major setback for Northumberland because they had been
disease-free for three months.

"There is a distinct atmosphere of depression up there at the moment."

Mr Ellison had said earlier he feared there were going to be more cases.

"When you have an outbreak it is unusual if there are only one or two -
normally there is a cluster," he added tonight.

"I would not be surprised if there was even more. It is very worrying
it is a new area."

He said earlier: "People are very concerned, everyone's on tenterhooks, and
for the farmers involved the slaughters have begun. It's a very traumatic

An investigation is continuing into how many other farms could be facing
culls as dangerous or contiguous contacts.

The fresh cases were a double blow to the community, where the original case
of the disease was confirmed in February, more than six months ago, as
movement restrictions in the area were expected to be lifted within weeks.

Instead, tougher restrictions known as "Blue Box" measures have come into
force across a 400 square mile area.

The regulations include the withdrawal of all licences for animal movement,
and stringent bio-security being enforced at farms, including disinfectant
foot baths and sprays.

All footpaths in the area have been closed and milk tankers deliveries will
have an escort from the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs

Police and Defra officials will also patrol to ensure that no animals are
being moved illegally, and that cleansing and bio-security measures are

Two of the affected farmers were said to have bought animals from Hexham
market, which has said it will not open on Tuesday. Vets stressed that the
closure was not an indication of how the disease reached the area.

The latest cases and another outbreak confirmed today in Cumbria brings the
total number to 1,977.


Our comment:   We note more cases in Northumberland on the DEFRA website
tonight - alongside the "usual" ones in Cumbria bringing the total to 1987.
In the slaughter statistics, the sheep total has now passed the three
million mark while the grand total creeps inexorably nearer to four million.
Add in the "welfare" cull (one and a half million) and the uncounted young
stock, and what do we have?  Somewhere around eight million lives lost  -
so far.  Yet not many of us seem to care.

All for tonight

from Alan & Rosie