Our comment ( on the sheep/cattle brain fiasco): 


This is so extraordinary that words almost fail us . . . .
but not quite.  The real impact of this unbelievable debacle is to destroy,
at a stroke, the credibility of scientists working at the Institute of
Public Health - which also happens to run Pirbright Laboratory!   In one
move, it has demonstrated what so many thinking people have been arguing for
so long - that scientific "experts" and the "facts" that they promote should
be regarded with extreme caution, and be questioned by ordinary folk with
commonsense, rather than being simply accepted at face value. 


Just reflect for a moment that we were only three days away from publication of the
"results" from these long-term experiments, which have been widely hinted as
showing evidence of BSE crossing the species barrier into sheep!  It doesn't
take much to imagine the consequences that would inevitably have followed
from such an announcement - Elliot Morley had already softened us up for the
elimination of the entire national flock, now we know why he said that,
don't we?  But his little plan has back-fired,so he will have to wait a
little longer for the "evidence" he seeks.

Have no doubt, the "scientists" will try again.


The joke tonight comes from Liz:

An American fighter pilot was flying his F16 aircraft over Afghanistan,
when he noticed a flying carpet on his left hand side, manned by a man with
a machine gun.

He looked to his right and saw another carpet alongside, also manned by a
man with a machine gun.

He thought  I've got to get out of this, so he accelerated flat out and
put his plane into a high speed loop and came up behind both carpets, which
he shot down.

On arriving back at his Aircraft Carrier, he was told to report to the
captain immediately.

You idiot ! said the captain. We saw what you did on our radar and now
were in a load of trouble.

What do you mean? said the pilot, I shot both carpets down!
I know that! said the captain, but they were Allied Carpets!


from Rosie & Alan