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Uruguay 2001


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A Bloodbath on May Bank Holiday

On 3 May 2001 Uruguay, in the grip of Foot and Mouth disease, decided to vaccinate their entire 10.4 million cattle herd. Their rigorous culling policy, begun ten days ago, failed to stop the disease spreading to other areas. So they have called it off.

On the same day a smiling Tony Blair the British Prime Minister (and about to announce a general election) announced to the world that Britain, after more than ten weeks of the disease, was in the "home straight".

Uruguay realised on Thursday, the culling wasn't working. They were going to have to lose their foot and mouth free status "without vaccination" and in Uruguay that can mean for four years. No wonder they hesitated. The price of vaccinated meat fetches only about half the price of unvaccinated meat on the international markets. For that is of course what lies behind the whole scandalous and heartbreaking affair.

So the weeks have gone by and there have been signs of greater and greater intransigence as the perpetrators dig in and will their policy to work. In 1991 it was Britain herself who,at the insistence of her far too powerful food lobby, persuaded the European Union to halt the routine vaccination of livestock . As the International Herald Tribune remarked so memorably on March 24th 2001, the virus travels with a fluidity comparable only to that of the movements of capital.