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Aug 21 ~ An email from Val about yesterday's March

"..... Was surprised at the 'buzz' everyone got - including spectators. My kids amazed me - along with many many other youngsters who kept that chanting up for neasrly two hours - they told me that it was "empowering" (where did they learn that?) Certainly had the chance to bring it to the notice of far more people than usual - even if a lot of them were tourists... brilliant crowd - great to meet more of the faces behoind the familiar names. No DEFRA figures yesterday as they were all on strike - I said there wouldn't be any cases! now back to reality.."

Aug 20 ~ On this day of peaceful marching to Downing Street, John and Jackie remind us of one of the many human casualties of the debacle:

" Readers of the Shropshire Star will already be aware that Tony (York) has been forced to put Pig Paradise on the market.It was a sensitive and supportive article by the report that painted the Ministry in true colour for their obstructive practices and their criminally negligent policies. We both fell most saddened. Our best wishes for a successful out come go to Tony and Mary Rose." And so say all of us.

Aug 19 ~ Lynda writes," Went into our local Coop today for some onions and I could not believe it - "place of origin New Zealand"

..Five mies up the road are the huge Bedfordshire onion fields! I have no real objection to buying NZ produce when ours is out of season (I still regard NZ as "part of us") but I just don't understand how it can be more viable to transport onions 11,000 miles as opposed to 5. Also noticed Co-op frozen chips made with EU potatoes, and apples from Argentina.

Aug 18 ~ Received this morning: "To anyone in the Salop/ border region with an interest

Mr Ben Gill will be at the Minsterley Show today. The show is at Lea Cross on the A488 Shrewsbury to Bishops castle road." He might, perhaps, be asked whether he has yet found the time to read Dr Ruth Watkins' papers on vaccination .

Aug 17 ~ Latest from FFA site about Monday's peaceful march to Downing Street.

- Congregate at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park between 12 noon and 1 pm. At 1 pm prompt March will commence to 10 Downing Street to hand in a number of petitions. For details of coaches, etc., going from your area please contact 01291 690224 fax 01291 690984 Mobile 07773920306. Please Note:- no placards to be held high in the Park. Thre will be no additional toilet facilities or refreshments. Please take all your litter home with you, we will be held responsible for any litter left lying about. This is purely a March for Action to let Mr Blair know that British farmers and the general public will accept nothing less than a full and open public inquiry in to the foot and mouth crisis. We are all tax payers and have the right to know where our money has been spent. //h3>were faced with the frightening sight of police cars, 4 DEFRA cars and a trailor load of pens at the gate following an injunction being taken out against the owners today. The owners' solicitor said that they could take out a counter injunction - but that they might be labelled as paranoid for not trusting DEFRA. They now anxiously await results of the tests and remember Christine. TOP