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Bovine TB - A Way Forward

Bovine TB is an insidious disease that is spreading across the countryside at an alarming rate. Unlike Foot and Mouth, which was visible to millions of people through the horror of the burning pyres, this disease goes largely unnoticed, yet it is costing the tax payer millions of pounds each year and threatening the livelihoods of many.

The film tells the story of the effect that the disease has had on two farms in the South West of England, one within the Dartmoor National Park which raises pedigree cattle, the other a family dairy farm on the Mendip Hills, Somerset. By cataloguing the history of the disease and talking to expert witnesses, Chris Chapman has a made a film that successfully bridges the gap between those who view the problem of Bovine TB as contentious and insurmountable, and those who believe that there is a way forward.

Chris Chapman says: 'I knew this would be a very difficult film to make, and from the start I was determined to steer clear of the politics and produce a film with a firm educational base. People love wildlife and I wanted to show how the disease has got out of control and yet is not being addressed. I personally don't agree with a blanket cull as has been suggested by the Welsh Assembly. This film makes a strong point for healthy cattle and healthy badgers by a different, and to my mind, far more acceptable route'.

The 25 minute film will be released in January 2010 and will be available via the website, , Mole Valley Farmers and other retail outlets.  

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