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Obtainable from and other outlets. For more detail about the book and each chapter see "John Etherington was a Reader in Ecology at the University of Wales, Cardiff. Since his retirement from the University in 1990, he has devoted himself to researching the implications of intermittently available renewable electricity generation, in particular wind power. He is a Thomas Huxley Medallist at the Royal College of Science and a former co-editor of the International Journal of Ecology."

February 17th 2010 ~ Planning Committees are run by Councillors not MPs or AMs

January 19 2010 ~ "In its submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs' investigation of Renewable Energy (2008), E.ON UK estimated that a back-up provision of over 90 per cent of the installed wind capacity would be needed."

December 31 2009 ~ "the whole dishonest affair has been summarised as a promotional venture for the world 's fastest growing financial bubble, international carbon trading..."

December 14, 2009 ~ "giant wind turbines and the millions of euros behind them..... an eco-friendly image that seems above political reproach.."

December 1 2009 ~"...the wind industry trying to convince us that the only way to save the planet is to cover all of our wild uplands with machines "

November 28 2009 ~ " industrial wind is a bunco scheme of enormous consequence"

November 8 2009 ~ Dr John Etherington's letter to the Western Telegraph

November 8 2009 ~ "There are hundreds of thousands of people who are opposed to windfarms who can only benefit by acquiring a copy of this book. "

Sept 30 2009 ~ Published today "The Wind Farm Scam" by John Etherington

Sept 7 2009 ~ "THE WIND FARM SCAM" by Dr John Etherington