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A Hoax?

I sent this to a friend in May 2003
"Believe it or not, someone has been impersonating the son of King Zog of Albania and has conned the Welsh Government out of 385K on the basis of non existent meat exports to Albania. They had a big car with fake plates - the lot. There are even photos of them."
 I can't trace the original source.
Farmers pin hopes on Albania
Welsh cattle grazing at Gilfach
Welsh farms produce better quality meat, experts say
Welsh farmers are hoping that Wales will be able to supply meat to eastern Europe.

Leaders of the Farmers' Union of Wales travelled to the UK's biggest agricultural show on Sunday to meet a delegation of Albanian meat importers.

They hope to pave the way for supplying Welsh lamb, beef and pork by meeting visiting officials at the Royal Show at Stonleigh.

"This is an exciting project which we are happy to assist in any way we possible can," said FUW president Gareth Vaughan.

The Albanians plan to import Welsh meat supplied by a 2.1m state-of-the-art abattoir and processing plant with associated livestock and waste disposal incineration centre at Lampeter.

Details have already been discussed with a special envoy of the King of Albania.

Last year they visited the site of the plant at Cwmann where they met former Welsh rugby international Mark Douglas, one of the four brothers running the family-owned business.

"The quality of meat produced in Albania is not as high as the meat we produce in Wales and they are keen to import supplies from us," Mr Vaughan explained.

"They are also hoping Welsh farmers will assist them in developing their agricultural industry because they have a similar mountainous terrain to ours.

"They would like to explore the possibility of Welsh cattle and sheep being exported to Albania to improve the quality of their native livestock."

The initial plan would involve livestock being slaughtered in Cwmann but the actual final cutting of the meat would take place in Albania, creating new jobs in Cwmann and Albania.

Purpose-built refrigeration and further processing facilities will then distribute cuts and joints, not only within Albania but right across the Balkans.